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Amazon Advertising Strategies: Unlocking the Power of Video

By Liran Hirschkorn on May 26, 2020

Amazon is going all in on video - are you ready? Video is a powerful and incredibly efficient communication tool for advertisers. However, video content is notoriously difficult to measure, expensive to create, and often only justifiable for a handful of products.

Liran Hirschkorn, co-founder and president of Incrementum Digital sat down with us to discuss how you can unlock the power of video on Amazon.

Full transcript below.

Amazon is going all in on video and video ads.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, I haven't heard the term, but maybe a video is worth 1,000,000 words.

You can do so much more with video to convey a message to an audience, that's why you've seen every other platform go in the direction of video, right?

We've seen it with Facebook and Facebook Live, we've seen it with the growth of YouTube being the second largest search engine on the planet. And Amazon knows that, and so Amazon is looking for more ad placements. They're looking to see how they can make more money on the advertising side.

We've seen this with sponsored brand video ads. First came to mobile, it's recently come to desktop. Having these clips within the sponsored brand video guidelines will be super important. Then, to level up, tie your videos to keywords to match exactly what the customer is looking for in that video.

With Perpetua, you're able to launch those video ads directly within the platform. And some of the benefits are that you'll be able to test multiple types of videos across your campaign to see what converts the best. Right now, video ads are this amazing opportunity to be able to get more placements and get ahead of the competition.

Video allows you to pass that emotion, and we know that actually all buying decisions are made emotionally and then justified with logic. And so, if you can use that, the right creatives in place and the right testing in place, then you're able to grow your business using video ads on Amazon.

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