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Perpetua brings together everything needed to drive profitable market share growth for ecommerce brands.

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“With Perpetua, we can easily map and measure the incrementality of our advertising performance. Perpetua makes us smarter and helps us optimize our ads to improve our bottom line.”

Daniel Zakowski

CEO @ Ready, Set, Food!


Target ACoS


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Target ACoS


Daily Budget


Create Goals, Not Campaigns

Save time and money with automated campaign creation, execution and optimization. Input your strategic objectives (growth, profitability, brand defense, awareness), and rely on Perpetua's ad engine to execute tactically.

Reach audiences with superhuman precision

Perpetua's customizable, AI-powered smart recommendations and contextual, conversion-based bidding algorithms are designed to maximize the efficiency of your ad spend, ensure your campaigns never go dark and drive profitable market share growth.

“Perpetua optimizes bids programmatically, which is faster and more accurate than our manual process. We now have time to focus on strategies, testing and analysis.”

Megan Loveland

Associate Manager, Etail and Distributors @ Crocs

Perpetua gives us transparency and control. With Perpetua, we have full visibility into the impact of our ad spend, so we can swiftly double down on what's driving true incremental growth.

Ju Rhyu

CEO @ Hero Cosmetics

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Analyze the full picture

Measure the true impact of your advertising spend across multiple channels and marketplaces. Perpetua's customizable, enterprise-level reporting allows you to understand, at a single glance, how your business and products are performing in your category.

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