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Software to maximize your Amazon PPC sales

Easily create, automate, and optimize your Amazon PPC ads to drive profitable growth. From automated keyword discovery & migration to automated bidding — get the most powerful PPC automation software tool on the market to help you save time while increasing your Amazon Advertising revenue.

Amazon Ads Management

Automate PPC Campaigns

Use our Amazon PPC advertising software tool to save time and achieve a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Analyze Campaign Performance

Track your Amazon Sponsored Ads performance for any given period, and see exactly which changes positively affected your campaign results.

Optimize results for profit

Use our PPC software tool to make the right bid, at the right time, on the most likely to convert keywords to meet your target ACOS.

“Perpetua is an amazing Amazon PPC software. Leveraging auto campaigns in Sponsored Products has made it easy to identify what’s working for us and what could use improvement. This strategy has given us time back to shift some of our focus back to our bigger products.”

Prabhleen Sahota, Head of Marketing Keplin Group

Amazon PPC Software for Campaign Management and Automation

PPC Keyword Management

PPC Keyword Management

Keyword Harvesting Tool

Save time and automate your Amazon PPC keyword management. Choose exactly how Perpetua harvests keywords: fully automated, after a set number of conversions, or to be manually approved before added to campaigns.

Bid Automation

Bid Automation

Automate your Keyword Bidding

Set fixed bids or bid multipliers on strategic targets to push Perpetua’s ad engine in the direction you need. Our Amazon PPC software tool will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on campaign profitability and get the most out of your Amazon ad spend.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Dominate Share of Voice

Easily track and measure your Amazon Share of Voice across search terms, and see how you stack up against the competition. Then leverage Keyword Boosts to launch standalone campaigns on the keywords that matter the most, using Top of Search multipliers to make your ASINs show up exactly where you want them to.

Amazon PPC Software

Amazon PPC Software

Track and Analyze your Amazon PPC Performance

Measure the true impact of your advertising spend with Perpetua’s customizable, enterprise-level reporting that allows you to understand, at a single glance, how your business and products are performing in your category.

The Perpetua Benchmarker

Benchmarker is the first and only report that will tell you how you can master Amazon PPC.

The Benchmarker will give you a clear picture of your Amazon PPC performance and provide actionable insights on how to improve the big four PPC metrics. Curious? Sign up today to access your own report.

Perpetua Benchmarker screenshot

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