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Our values

Perpetua’s mission & principles
Our values

Take ownership

We don’t pass the buck. When we pick up a project, we don’t stop until we’ve driven it all the way home. We always go out of our way to make sure we deliver work we can stand by.
Our values

Have fearless kaizen

We believe that small, ongoing changes can reap major rewards. We’re able to fearlessly let go of perfectionism, we don’t just accept the status quo, and we proactively look for solutions when we find mistakes.
Our values

Come clutch

We rise to the occasion when the moment calls. If it’s helping a colleague, doing right by a customer, or going the extra mile to help the company at large, we always seize the opportunity to make an impact.
Our values

Care for the pack

We take care of our own and know we’re stronger as a team. We treat our colleagues as we would want to be treated; with respect, candor, compassion and loyalty.
Our values

Be customer obsessed

When our customers win, we win. We work hard to earn and keep their trust. We deeply understand their problems, and make sure that the decisions we make are aligned with their needs and lead to their success.
Our values

High velocity or high conviction

Many of the decisions we make will be done with 70% of the information required to act, and that’s ok. We embrace speed but when decisions are irreversible it’s important to slow down and ensure that we have high conviction.
Our values

Get your hands dirty

We focus on execution relentlessly. Everyone on the team looks forward to the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and leave their comfort zone. No one is above or below any task.
Our values

Set expectations early and often

We work to over-communicate what can be expected of us as well as what we expect from others. We acknowledge and explain challenges and setbacks as soon as they arise. We give and seek out feedback from one another continuously.
Our values

Elevate with presence

One of the few things that we have the ability to control every single day is the energy and presence that we bring to work. When we bring a positive attitude and actively engage with our colleagues, it is infectious.

How we work

We act with intention.
We’d love to solve every problem a brand or company could ever face when it comes to retail media. For now we’ll settle for focusing on the problems we can solve and doing it well. As the industry evolves, so does our product. We’re always ready to switch it up to make sure we’re providing the fastest, smartest solutions for our customers.
We act with intention.
We’re always learning.
We don’t know everything. That’s what drives us. We listen to our customers, ask them questions, then we act. We strive to gain a deep understanding of the real frustrations of the people we serve, so we can give them the solutions they need.
We’re always learning.
We keep our eyes on the future.
We always try to stay one step ahead of industry. We want to not only solve our customers' current issues but the issues they’ll be facing in the near future. That’s how we got our reputation as a thought leader in this space and why our customers trust us.
We keep our eyes on the future.

Where we work

We have office hubs across the globe where team members can go to feel productive, inspired and connected to others.
São Paulo
How we’re growing
In 2021 Perpetua was acquired by Ascential. Joining forces with this global organization has allowed us to take our company to a whole new level and take our customers with us. As part of the Perpetua team you’ll be joining a company of over 300 people with offices in; Toronto, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin, and São Paulo. Plus our team of remote workers across the US.
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