Perpetua is Onboarded as Walmart Connect’s Preferred API Partner
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Perpetua is Onboarded as Walmart Connect’s Preferred API Partner

Meghna Bhalla, Tiffany Luk, June 1, 2022

Understanding advertisers’ needs for flexibility, transparency, and control over their Walmart advertising, Perpetua is proud to announce that we are now officially joining the Walmart Platform Partner as a preferred API partner.

Joining the Walmart Connect family as a preferred partner means that we have now joined forces to more efficiently take advantage of self-serve and automation capabilities to better serve brands around the world. 

“It’s an exclusive distinction that showcases our work with one of the world's top retailers, and fastest growing advertising platforms,” says Adam Epstein, Co-President, Perpetua. 

Some of these capabilities will include: 

  • Algorithmic Bidding and Always-On Optimizations: Perpetua harnesses the power of always-on optimization to make the right bid, at the right time, on the highest-value keywords. Perpetua’s always-on ad engine optimizes bid prices, placement optimizations, budget pacing and more. Additionally, Perpetua delivers always-on optimizations, with access to advanced levers and bid-adjustments, giving  advertisers full control to make changes as they see fit.

  • Walmart Listing Scoring + Listing Optimization: Perpetua surfaces listing scores for each item in a customer’s account. This allows them to track and monitor how listings' scores impact their advertising and sales performance. We also allow our users one-tap listing optimization to ensure their Product Detail Pages (PDPs) are retail-ready before continuing to invest in advertising. 

  • Campaign Management: Walmart Sellers can easily launch and manage their Walmart campaigns with Perpetua’s “goal” structure. Perpetua easily filters large volumes of data and allows bulk editing capabilities to save our customers time and effort and allow them to focus on making strategic decisions for their businesses. 

Overall, for our customers this means, more visibility over campaigns, speedy & direct control of quality data and quicker access to any industry and product updates that will affect our advertisers. We continue to feel extremely confident in working with Walmart Connect and trust that our addition as a preferred API partner will allow us to build stronger relationships with our customers and in turn be able to innovate our product even faster.

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