Introducing Perpetua’s New Amazon DSP Optimization
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Introducing Perpetua’s New Amazon DSP Optimization

Martin Saunders, July 27, 2022

Operating within the Amazon DSP is cumbersome and unintuitive for even its most advanced users. From the amount of resources needed to create exhaustive orders to the regular pulse-checks necessary to ensure budget is pacing and KPIs are tracking, there are layers of inefficiency that limit scalability.

As a result of these inefficiencies, high-level Amazon DSP users have two options, either restrict campaign and order creation as more clients are onboarded, or hire and educate more DSP-literate employees to expand operations. Resources are being stretched thin and it becomes easy for advertising dollars to be mismanaged and under-invested. Users have been sacrificing scalable revenue generation for too long.

Perpetua is excited to announce our new Amazon DSP Optimization - a first-to-market product bringing much-needed efficiency to order creation, audience building, and line item optimization.

Create Full DSP Orders in Seconds

Perpetua’s new Amazon DSP product empowers users to build each component of a DSP order in a single, linear workflow. Creating an order from start to finish has always been a tedious process involving spreadsheets and external processes, but with Perpetua’s new Amazon DSP Optimization software, creating audiences, generating creatives, and attaching them to line items can now be done in seconds.

DSP Goal Creation

Build Audiences that Convert Using ‘Target Markets’

Perpetua’s new ‘Target Markets’ creator reduces the time spent building custom audiences in an external workflow. Users can now build highly targeted audiences at every stage of the funnel by selecting from 11 pre-built audience templates embedded with industry best-practices. For more granularity, we’ve given you full customization capabilities so you can always target your intended audience, no matter how broad or narrow in scope.

Perpetua’s Industry-Leading Optimization

Effective line item optimization is at the core of Perpetua’s new Amazon DSP product. Existing optimization engines still require manual adjustments and oversight on a regular basis to ensure KPIs are tracking and budgets are pacing. Perpetua’s always-on DSP ad engine outperforms Amazon’s native optimization tool by over 20%, dynamically shifting budgets between line items to maximize your performance and budget utilization.

For more information on how our team was able to build an industry-leading optimization tool, check out our technical blog.

ASIN-level Reporting Across Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP

Level-up your Amazon DSP reporting and analytics with consolidated dashboards that integrate Sponsored Ads and DSP data. Advertisers now have full visibility of ad performance across all ad types for every ASIN in their catalog.

Start Optimizing your DSP Advertising today by requesting a demo with our team!

If you want to learn more about the Amazon DSP and how it can scale your advertising, check out our DSP 101 Guide!

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