The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon DSP


The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon DSP

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The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon DSP

Everything you need to know about the Amazon DSP

Dive into how to programmatically buy display and video ads both on and off of Amazon.

The Amazon DSP enables advertisers to exclusively leverage Amazon’s 
data, either by selecting from over 6,500 prebuilt In-Market and Lifestyle audiences, or through custom-built ASIN audiences. Amazon's data segments are based on billions of shopping patterns across the customer decision journey. These touch-points are the best indicators for reaching 
the most relevant people to your brand. By utilizing Amazon's data and the Amazon DSP, advertisers can reach new audiences, enhance brand awareness, drive consideration, increase sales, and foster brand loyalty.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Types of Amazon DSP ad inventory

  • Amazon DSP targeting types

  • Amazon DSP creative options

  • Goals, campaign setup, and evaluation

  • Optimizing your Amazon DSP campaigns

  • and more!

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