How Bob Mackie drove 1M+ Spark Ad impressions with Perpetua’s Creator Network
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How Bob Mackie drove 1M+ Spark Ad impressions with Perpetua’s Creator Network

Perpetua Marketing Team, January 5, 2023

Specializing in costume design and renowned for his work with Cher and the QVC Wearable Art Collection, Bob Mackie’s Hollywood creations have since transpired into home furnishing, wearables, and accessories collections known by their vibrant colors, intricate details, and overall, timeless glamour.

Looking to capture a wider audience and expand their eCommerce presence across Amazon, Bob Mackie needed to find creative ways to engage shoppers online. Working with Perpetua’s Influencer Marketing Platform, they were able to leverage Perpetua’s Creator Network and partner with digital creators to promote their products and drive sales on Amazon. Since launching they’ve seen: 

  • Total sales grow by 1.5x

  • Attributed sales jump 1.8x

  • ACOS decrease by 28% 

And across 2 major influencer campaigns, they saw: 

  • 1M+ aggregate Spark Ad impressions 

  • Triple & double-digit detail page view rates (DPVR)

The Challenge

Looking to engage with shoppers on TikTok and Instagram, and build authentic content that felt native to the app, Bob Mackie needed to find a partner that could not only help them source and manage creator relations, but also help boost content and link back to their Amazon Product Detail Pages. And while social media is often great for engaging with shoppers and building authentic connections, measuring the direct impact of these campaigns on sales can be difficult. 

“We knew that running influencer marketing campaigns were going to be crucial for us to grow as a brand,” says Alyssa Haddad-Chin, Digital Coordinator at Bob Mackie Design group. “But our challenge was finding the best way to tie our influencer marketing back to Amazon and attribute these efforts to sales performance.”



Working with Perpetua’s Influencer Marketing Platform, Bob Mackie partnered with digital creators to empower them to get creative and create user generated content (UGC) that felt true to both their own accounts and the Bob Mackie brand, demonstrating how they incorporate Bob Mackie sunglasses, and fashionable watches into their wardrobes. 

Perpetua’s Influencer Marketing team then boosted this content with TikTok Spark Ads to Gen Z and Millennial audiences. Paired with seamless call-to-action prompts, the Spark Ads drove shoppers to the brand’s Amazon Product Detail pages. In the Perpetua app, the Bob Mackie team were then able to track and measure the impact of their influencer campaigns, attributing conversions and sales to specific content, and in turn specific creators. 

“Running our TikTok ads with Perpetua, we were able to reach an audience who may not seem to have an affinity to the brand at first glance, but are in fact, some of its most engaged customers, and see those customers’ sales attributed to these campaigns and creators.”



Since launching Spark Ads on Perpetua, Bob Mackie’s attributed sales increased by 30%. And with the debut of two major campaigns across Instagram and TikTok for Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, Bob Mackie was able to drive over 1 million impressions and saw Detail Page View Rates (DPVR) increase on average by 3x. Additionally, working with the Influencer Marketing team, Bob Mackie saw ACOS decrease by 28%, while total sales increased by 1.5x.  

“Perpetua was by far the best partner for us to launch our influencer marketing campaigns with. From sourcing creators, to managing our Spark Ads, they’ve been instrumental in helping us build brand awareness and engagement, and ultimately drive sales on Amazon.”

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