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Find the right
influencer fit
for you

With access to a large network of influencers, you’re sure to find the perfect match to represent your brand and help you hit your business goals.
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Full control over
your content

Nobody knows your brand better than you. That’s why it’s important you have complete control of your content from start to finish. You’ll get final say before anything goes live, and retain the rights after the content is published.

Reach new audiences

Find new customers with highly targeted TikTok ads that drive traffic back to your Amazon PDP with Spark Ads. Get your products in front of the right audience, every time.

See the full picture

Measure clicks, impressions, DPVs, and changes in organic rank and sales. Use these insights to adjust your influencer marketing strategy and improve performance.
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Support to
save you time

Perpetua will pair you with a Creator Operations Strategist to help you onboard, launch campaigns, and provide you with best practices to make sure your influencer campaigns are a success.
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