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Advanced Amazon PPC Strategy: Search Term Isolation

Adam Epstein, July 22, 2020

There's a common belief among Amazon advertisers that search term isolation is the most effective way to optimize your campaigns.

Liran Hirschkorn, co-founder and president of Incrementum Digital sat down with us to discuss his approach to structuring campaigns on Amazon.

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A common question from those that sell on Amazon is, how should I structure my campaign? Should I be isolating keywords into separate campaigns, should I keep all my keywords in one campaign?

Here's my philosophy, and how we work with Perpetua to put together the right strategies for our clients.

We generally will put all your keywords that have the same goals in one campaign. But, when you have keywords that are taking up all of your budget, you're going to want to isolate them. And that's when we use something like Keyword Boost, within Perpetua, to isolate keywords into their own campaigns.

Instead, we isolate category keywords that we know are critical to our customers (keywords that are not the brand name or a competitor's brand name). Let's say we're talking about keto protein bar. Category keyword examples would be keto snacks, protein bar, keto protein bar.

For these keywords you might have a goal overall to have a 30% ACoS within your category keywords, but there might be one or two keywords there that you really want to dominate. They also might have very high search volume on Amazon, and are using up a lot of the spend in the campaign, which doesn't give the other keywords a chance to earn spend within your daily budget. In these cases, it makes a lot of sense to use the Keyword Boost option, which essentially creates separate exact match campaigns for those keywords, and then you also have the option of adding a Top of Search multiplier, or just creating a separate goal around that keyword.

You might have a goal of a 50% ACoS on one keyword that's just super important for you to dominate. We have clients coming to us all the time, especially with seasonal products, and they'll tell us, "During the next two months, "I need to dominate these keywords. "I don't care what the ACoS is." And so, for those, we set up separate campaigns with different types of goals than everything else in your category keywords, as well as potentially use Top of Search placement to dominate the top of the results.

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To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business, contact us at

To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business, contact us at