Why You Should Be Advertising on Walmart.com
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Why You Should Be Advertising on Walmart.com

Claire Lee, August 10, 2021

Let's get one thing straight: Walmart is undoubtably one of the largest retail giants in the world and any business in the eCommerce space that claims they haven't considered Walmart advertising as a compelling opportunity to expand their online presence, is lying.

You can't blame them either. Walmart presents a massive opportunity for growth for many sellers and brands, especially in the last year, and their plan is to only continue to deliver innovations apace to their current advertising ecosystem.

However, before diving into all of the awesome developments that Walmart has released in the past year, let's start with the simple reasons as to why advertising with Walmart's Sponsored Products is crucial for any online seller or brand.


As you know, unlike Walmart's brick and mortar stores, Walmart.com has infinite shelf space. This means with more and more competitor products coming to Walmart, the more limited product visibility becomes. As Walmart's digital marketplace continues to grow exponentially, with over 110 unique million monthly visitors and a growing base of sellers joining the pool via Walmart Marketplace, the only way to ensure that you're continuing to show up where people are searching for first is to be participating in Walmart's Sponsored Products ads.

The First Mover Advantage

With 1.9 million active sellers on Amazon and this number only continuing to grow every year, competition is fierce and getting more expensive by the minute. However, on Walmart, with only around 100,000 sellers and an influx of unique visitors per month, there's more than enough room for growth and early movers will definitely get an advantage in obtaining premium ad placements at much lower CPCs. So the question is - what are you waiting for?

Channel Expansion is More Important than Ever

Nowadays, it's not enough to only sell through one eCommerce marketplace or website. Smart sellers and brands understand the rising importance of multi-channel integration and the benefits that it offers. When you offer your products across multiple channels, you're not only increasing brand and product visibility, but you're offering a more seamless, integrated experience for current or potential customers. In turn, this will reward you with a loyal customer base who purchase more and advocate for your products to new audiences.

Still haven't convinced you? Then let's dive into some of Walmart Advertising's most notable developments that are sure to get your attention.

Unified Sponsored Products Campaigns for both Walmart.com and Pickup & Delivery.

Launched on March 1st, 2021, Walmart has made the switch to implement a single, unified Sponsored Products campaign for Online Pickup & Delivery (also known as “Online Pickup & Delivery” or “OPD”) and Walmart.com. What does this mean for you? This means Sponsored Products advertisers will no longer need to choose whether to serve their ads on Walmart.com vs. Pickup & Delivery, as all ads are automatically going to serve in the most relevant places across Walmart's digital properties. This broader reach equals more impressions, more clicks, improved customer engagement, unified ad buying, and more placements.

Platform-Level Reporting & Targeting

Walmart's self-serve ad platform gives advertisers the ability to not only measure ad performance based on what platform they appear on for shoppers (e.g. web, mobile-web, or mobile-app), but also allows you to target these platforms directly through platform bid multipliers. This allows advertisers to apply bid increase percentages which will help you better compete for these opportunities and fine-tune your campaigns even further for optimal efficiency. Something that Amazon still does not offer on their self-serve platform.

Shopify Integration

Walmart has made it simple for direct-to-consumer (DTC) merchants to integrate their business into Walmart's marketplace by creating a direct partnership with Shopify. Interested Shopify sellers can install the Walmart Marketplace app within their suite of Shopify tools and add any products from their DTC site directly to Walmart's curated marketplace with no additional upkeep costs.

So if you haven't started participating in Walmart's Sponsored Products, there has never been a better time to start. If you're interested in getting started with Walmart advertising, reach out to us at hello@perpetua.io.

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