Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program - How it Works?
amazon brand referral bonus
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Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program - How it Works?

Kyra Petticrew, August 20, 2021

Competition on (and off) Amazon is heating up, and with Amazon making a concerted effort to make its platform less transactional, allowing shoppers to engage with brands and discover new products, it's crucial to move beyond just the Amazon ecosystem.

Enter the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus, a program designed to help brands make their marketing dollars go further.

What is the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?

The Brand Referral Bonus program encourages brands (currently US Seller Brands only) to expand their non-Amazon marketing efforts, while directing this non-Amazon traffic back to their Amazon storefront and product pages.

Brands can earn bonuses from traffic driven to Amazon as a reward for their non-Amazon marketing efforts. The bonus is applied as a credit to their Amazon seller account referral fees and is calculated as a percentage of qualifying sales (on average 10%).

Think of it as a way to supercharge the efficiency of non-Amazon advertising by giving back on average 10 cents for every dollar of attributed sales.

How does it benefit brands?

For qualifying brands, the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus is a great way to help reduce the cost of referral fees, which typically hover at around 15%. This means that brands that want to experiment with their non-Amazon advertising dollars, can do so at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent study across 93 advertisers, Amazon actually found that advertisers that optimized their non-Amazon media with Amazon Attribution insights experienced an average 17.9% increase in New-to-Brand sales.

Brands looking to avoid cannibalizing direct sales, can additionally use non-Amazon media to support new product launches on Amazon, reactivate dormant shoppers that defected from Amazon, or capture mid-funnel consideration shoppers with Amazon's more seamless conversion flow (one-click check out, prime shipping, etc).

How does the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus work in Perpetua?

With Perpetua, brands can easily access the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus through our Google Ads via Amazon Attribution product. Any existing or new Google Ads launched in Perpetua are eligible to earn bonuses once a brand has registered for the program.

With Perpetua, getting started with Google Ads and the Brand Referral Bonus program is simple:

Once you've registered for the Brand Referral Bonus and your Google Ads goals are launched, Perpetua takes care of the rest so you can start earning bonuses immediately.

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