The Next Step: From Retail Readiness to Optimized PPC Performance
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The Next Step: From Retail Readiness to Optimized PPC Performance

Martin Saunders, May 18, 2021

To craft retail-ready Amazon listings and ad campaigns, MerchantWords provides all of the cutting-edge tools Amazon sellers need to perform sophisticated keyword and ASIN research.

Well-researched listings are the groundwork upon which successful Amazon businesses are built, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is how Amazon businesses scale. That’s why the Benchmarker and Merchant Words work hand in hand.

The Benchmarker [Beta] is a free, game-changing tool that helps you run first-rate Amazon advertising campaigns. It will allow you to identify top opportunities for growth by delivering benchmarks for the most important Amazon PPC KPIs, like:

  • advertising cost of sales (ACoS),

  • cost per click (CPC),

  • click-through rate (CTR),

  • and conversion rate (CVR).

The KPI benchmarks are specific to your category (20,000 available categories), your marketplace (all major marketplaces) and your ad type (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display).


The current version of the Benchmarker includes different analyses and actionable insights to help you optimize your advertising account:

  • overall account performance score: compare performance with your competitors at a glance;

  • top-to-bottom visualization of your performance funnel: see where you're making money . . . and where you're losing it;

  • deep-dive analysis of your top 100 products: identify strengths and weaknesses for every product and across your portfolio;

  • account structure analysis: compare your account structure with the competition and get recommendations for improvements.

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