Support for International Marketplace Advertisers: Amazon Japan + Perpetua
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Support for International Marketplace Advertisers: Amazon Japan + Perpetua

Kevin Abbott, February 14, 2019

Today, we're excited to publicly announce support for the Japanese Amazon Marketplace in Perpetua!

Any Amazon Seller or Vendor who sells or advertises on Amazon Japan can now take advantage of Perpetua's best-in-industry Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand optimization.

The Advantage of Selling and Advertising on Amazon Japan

Amazon sales in Japan have increased 44 percent in the last 3 years to $12bn and Japan is now Amazon's second largest international market by revenue after Germany. From 2018 to 2022, it is expected that Japan will remain one of the top 5 largest e-commerce markets in the world.

In spite of this explosive growth, we at Perpetua still see a huge opportunity for early movers who are willing to put in the work to support this market.

In particular, the lack of sophisticated advertising tools for the Japanese market means less competition for keywords and clicks. There's never been a better time to sell and advertise on Amazon Japan.

Global Support for International Advertisers

Amazon Japan is the 9th marketplace supported by Perpetua and its quick release demonstrates our ability to bring new locales to market quickly.

We're excited to help our customers continue to grow their Amazon business with yet another powerful tool. If you have any questions about connecting your Japan Seller or Vendor account, just drop us a line.

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