Sponsored Display Product Targeting with Perpetua
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Sponsored Display Product Targeting with Perpetua

Adam Epstein, July 29, 2020

Remember when we made launching a Sponsored Display retargeting campaign as easy as flipping a switch?

Now we've brought that same simplicity to Sponsored Display product targeting - the most assured way to appear above the fold on the Product Detail Page.

Sponsored Display Product Targeting Perpetua

Why should I use Sponsored Display product targeting?

Our data shows that 40% of Sponsored Ad spend is allocated to product pages, and 33% of total conversions occur on these placements. If you're not taking advantage, you're missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your brand.

We feel strongly that all advertisers should be leveraging Sponsored Display product targeting and encourage our customers to actually not think of it as display advertising. These placements are native to Amazon and located on above-the-fold inventory on the product detail page. Similar to search ads, these ads are effective because they feel less invasive and more organic.

Not only is easier than ever to create and launch Sponsored Display ads using Perpetua, our ad engine will also harvest ASINs that you should be targeting using performance data from your Sponsored Products ads.

Should I use Sponsored Display or Amazon DSP advertising?

Every Amazon advertiser is now familiar with both Sponsored Display ads and Amazon DSP. Whether you should advertise with either is no longer a question: you should. The ultimate question has become, how should SD and DSP be employed as part of your wider advertising strategy? We wrote extensively about our perspective here.

This powerful ad unit now has a new home in the Sponsored Display tab in Perpetua and is available today for our customers.

If you want to learn more or if we can help support your full funnel advertising strategy in any way, reach out to us at hello@perpetua.io and we would be happy to present you with our recommendations.

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