The Ultimate Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Guide
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The Ultimate Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Guide

Kristie Schmuck, July 24, 2019

Unlike Sponsored Product Ads which capture shoppers at the end of their buying journey, Sponsored Brands Ads are Amazon's ad unit for attracting mid-funnel brand awareness natively within its marketplace.

While they present a massive opportunity for brands, many advertisers still struggle crafting a mid-funnel strategy to simultaneously drive conversions and grow brand awareness. If you're reading this, you're likely familiar with this ad unit or already have SB campaigns running. But are they as effective as they could be?

Since launching support for Sponsored Brands Ads campaigns in January, we've gathered a ton of insights on the best way for brands to take advantage of this lucrative ad unit.

Below are 3 best practices for optimizing your Sponsored Brands Ads.

1. Create a Branded vs. Unbranded Sponsored Brands Ad Strategy.

One of the most important elements of a Sponsored Brands Ad is to match keyword intent with the destination of the ad.

For example, someone searching for Beekeper's Naturals (a branded keyword) is likely looking for a broader purchasing experience than someone who is looking specifically for Beekeper's Naturals Propolis Spray (a product keyword).

We recommend breaking these out into two SB Ad types with the following components:

1. Brand-owned

  • Links to Brand Store

  • Contains brand messaging vs. product value as copy

  • Includes brand logo as creative image

  • Lists top 3 highest performing products across brand's product suite

Example: Beekeepers Naturals Brand-owned Optimized Sponsored Brand Ad


2. Product Listing

  • Links to a specific product line

  • Lists top 3 variants from that product line

  • Leverage data from sponsored product ads to inform copy (more details below)

  • Includes beautiful product imagery as creative image


It's very important to let your Sponsored Ads run for at least two weeks before attempting to gain any significant insight into their performance.

If you're happy with the traffic your Sponsored Brands Ads are driving, and want to advertise more of your product catalogue in Sponsored Brands Ads, we recommend doing so at the category or product line level.

For example, if you have 100 ASINs across 3 different product lines or categories, your Sponsored Brand Ad portfolio would look like this:

  1. SB Ad #1: Brand-Own Ad Destination: Brand Store Featured ASINs: Top 3 Best-selling ASINs across your full catalogue

  2. SB Ad #2: Product List Ad Destination: Product Listing Page Features ASINs: Top 3 Best -selling ASINs in that category / product line

  3. SB Ad #3: Product List Ad Destination: Product Listing Page Features ASINs: Top 3 Best-selling ASINs in that category / product line

  4. SB Ad #4: Product List Ad Destination: Product Listing Page Features ASINs: Top 3 Best-selling ASINs in that category / product line

2. Leverage data from Sponsored Product Ads to guide Sponsored Brands Ad copy.

Writing effective ad copy for SB campaigns requires three things:

  1. Directly aligning copy with intent of customer

  2. Clearly communicating your value prop

  3. Leveraging high-performing keywords

We recommend using data from your Sponsored Product Ads to identify your highest converting keywords to use in your ad copy.

Let's look at our Beekeeper's Naturals example. Their tagline is "Add a little sustainable sweetness to your life" which meets the first 2 requirements above. It may seem natural to add this copy for a honey product, but we're able to tell that those keywords aren't driving conversions on their Sponsored Product Ads.

Instead, we can see that shoppers that are searching for honey are using keywords like raw, organic and pure. We recommend incorporating those keywords into your ad copy.

Here's an example of keyword-rich Sponsored Brand Ad copy:


3. Promote your best-selling products.

When choosing which ASINs to link to, you should strategically select your top-selling products within the product line (for a product listing SB Ad) or across the portfolio (for a brand-owned SB Ad).

These top performers will likely have the highest reviews, best product imagery and are already known to be appealing to shoppers. And, given that these ad units have such prime real estate on the search page, you only want to showcase your best products to drive engagement on your SB ads.

Sponsored Brands Ads are an extremely effective way to take advantage of premium ad inventory on Amazon and drive top-of-funnel awareness to your brand.

At Perpetua, we understand the importance of Sponsored Brands Ads, but building them in Amazon can admittedly be cumbersome and time consuming. We simplified the process and built the capability to create and launch Sponsored Brands Ads in Perpetua.

Now you can launch a Sponsored Brands Ad in the time it takes to upload a photo to Instagram. And like Instagram, you can do it on your mobile device.

In fact, Perpetua is the first and only Amazon Ad Tool (including Amazon itself) that allows you to create Sponsored Brand ads on iOS and Android.

We're excited to help our customers continue to grow their Amazon business with yet another powerful feature. If you have any questions or would like to get started with Perpetua, send an e-mail to

To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business, contact us at