How to steal marketshare from your competitors on Amazon
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How to steal marketshare from your competitors on Amazon

Adam Epstein, November 14, 2019

Conquesting - the art of bidding and winning on competitor keywords - is a an age old and advanced performance marketing tactic. Admittedly, it's sexy. Who wouldn’t want to steal marketshare from their competitors?

Though alluring in nature, in practice competitor conquesting can be both expensive and ineffective.

On Amazon, brands and sellers know their ACOS on competitor keywords and ASINs often lies between 100% and 300%. Further, having a strategy to target the right competitors at the lowest possible ACOS has been nearly impossible, until now.

We're proud to announce that Perpetua makes it easier than ever before to identify and target your competitors' customers on Amazon.

Segment Reporting

Several weeks ago, we quietly released an incredibly powerful and useful feature called Segment Reporting.

At the campaign level, you can now see sales, spend, and ACOS for your branded, category, and competitor targets (keywords and ASINs) on Sponsored Product campaigns.

Segment Reporting GIF

And, because our product team is pretty awesome, we've crafted an elegant way to provide this reporting automatically. This means you don't need to manually add keywords or ASINs for each segment.

The main benefit here is that you can now leverage this reporting to guide your advertising strategy. Specifically, you should view the ACOS figures reported in your segments as a benchmark for how to approach your target ACOS across your campaigns.

So, now that you have this segment reporting info what can you do with it?

Advanced Targeting

Today, we're proud to launch Advanced Targeting, which allows our customers the ability to set distinct ACOS and budget targets on the following segments:

  • Brand

  • Category

  • Competitor

Advanced Targeting GIF

Our first iteration of this feature allowed our customers to choose ACOS and budgets targets on branded or unbranded targets. It worked. We helped Crocs drive an incremental lift of +100% across two brands with flatlined sales, and 3:1 incremental ROAS.

We quickly realized that in order to steal marketshare from their competitors and employ an efficient conquesting strategy, our customers needed more advanced controls.

We've established that competitive targets will always have a higher ACOS. The reason for this is that conversion rates will always be lower if you bid on your competitor's keywords or ASINs.

People that are searching for "Nike" shoes are unlikely to buy an "Adidas" shoe (even if they click on the ad). Since Amazon wants people to buy more products, it penalizes advertisers by making competitors targets more expensive.

In the ultra competitive world of Amazon, almost everyone wants to steal their competitors marketshare. With Segmentation Reporting and Advanced Targeting, you can easily and efficiently drive sales from your competitor's customers.

Now, we're giving you the tools to do so.

Happy conquesting.

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