Managing multiple accounts is easy with Perpetua’s New Multi-Account Executive Dashboard
Executive Dash multi-account view
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Managing multiple accounts is easy with Perpetua’s New Multi-Account Executive Dashboard

Meghna Bhalla, April 15, 2022

Having holistic and accurate information provides advertisers with the necessary insights to determine where to spend their next marketing dollar and how to optimize their brand strategy. However, challenges arise when advertisers and agencies that manage multiple accounts have to switch through different screens, log-ins, marketplaces... the list goes on. It becomes easy to miss crucial information that would have helped to make better strategic decisions. In other words, it creates an outright data NIGHTMARE!

Well, it’s about time someone woke you up from this nightmare, and as always... Perpetua’s here to save the day (or night)!

Introducing Perpetua’s Multi-Account Executive Dashboard

Exec dash gif
GIF showcasing the new executive dashboard

Perpetua’s Multi-Account Executive Dashboard allows users to view consolidated or individual performance data for a group of accounts in one place. This dashboard contains consolidated reporting of the same breakdowns as our existing Executive Dashboard you know and love:

  • By stage in advertising funnel

  • By marketplace (Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, etc.)

  • By geography

  • By Amazon ad type

Plus a few new ones:

  • Tables to compare and monitor performance metrics and budget pacing by account

  • Graphs to compare total advertising performance between accounts

How can the new Executive Dashboard help you?

Managing multiple accounts

Before you can begin making changes to campaigns in a day, it’s critical to understand the performance of each of your accounts so you know where to prioritize your time. But checking into every account to see where to start your day is a time-consuming task. Perpetua’s account view shows you a snapshot of each account you manage, so you can see not only performance, but how you are pacing towards your monthly Amazon budget. From here, click into any account to view its Executive Dashboard - and ensure you are spending your time where you need to.

exec dash table
table showing sales/budgets across multiple Perp accounts

Managing brands with Seller and Vendor Accounts

The relationship between Seller and Vendor accounts can be difficult to navigate - seeing sales drop off in one account may look concerning until you realize that your other account took over the buy box and captured those sales instead. With a graph where you can easily monitor multiple metrics by day - these fluctuations become easy to spot and understand.

seller and vendor sales

Managing brands in multiple geographies

Looking at results across North America isn’t too big of a task, but what about when you advertise in multiple Amazon regions and are required to deal with multiple logins? These accounts can now be combined to see performance on a global scale.

geographies - exec dash

Consolidated reporting

Consolidated reporting across your accounts will also allow you to save time when it comes to sharing results with your team. Don’t waste time combining multiple downloads from Amazon, simply download a .csv with consolidated results straight from Perpetua (or take a screenshot of the dashboard directly).

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