Perpetua's New Content Network Unlocks Discoverability and Exposure at Scale For Brands
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Perpetua's New Content Network Unlocks Discoverability and Exposure at Scale For Brands

Perpetua Newsroom, July 21, 2021

Perpetua introduces one-click access where brands can connect to trusted independent content across top retailer-sites (Amazon Editorials) and top-tier publisher sites

SAN FRANCISCO (July 19, 2021) — Perpetua continues to enhance its product offering and brings brands new and innovative ways to earn incremental growth along the customer shopping journey. As the industry leading eCommerce advertising optimization and intelligence software, Perpetua is one of the fastest growing platforms for marketplace advertising and today announced the launch of the Perpetua Content Network, a way for brands to connect to top-tier publisher sites and retail sites (Amazon Editorials).

"Content is part of the customer experience and with the launch of the Perpetua Content Network we add another way for our brand customers to find incremental sales growth through earned media and make more connections with shoppers," says Rosco Hill, CEO Perpetua. "We understand the value of upper-funnel awareness to extend a brand's reach and attract new customers, integrating organic content opportunities into our product offering is yet another step connecting the graph of retail media and customer journeys across the world for businesses."

The Perpetua Content Network gives brands a way to advance discoverability of their products through media with one-click access to a network of publishing partners directly from the Perpetua app. According to Nielsen report in 2019, the CPG category sees more than 30,000 new consumer products introduced to market each year, to sift through the abundance of products and discover new items for purchase, more customers turn to curated lists, reviews and stories on publisher sites. For businesses looking to grow, a product review from Mashable or a single feature in Better Homes and Garden magazine can translate to immediate incremental lift in sales and social validation.

Perpetua customers can now apply to access the Perpetua Content Network to boost their brand exposure and sales through high-level content on a network of top-tier retail sites (e.g. Amazon editorials) and publisher sites including Real Simple, Mashable and AskMen to name a few. With Perpetua, customers have access to a team of industry experts, world class marketing tools, partnerships and now a publisher network for earned media opportunities, all on one platform. Audiences view earned media as the most authentic form of marketing. By connecting brands to multiple marketing channels, including editorial content, Perpetua opens up new data points for brands to manage and optimize their full-funnel marketing strategy, including the impact of earned media.

Perpetua began as an ad optimization engine and reporting platform for Amazon sellers and brands. They have since expanded to include advertising management across multiple marketplaces, created buy opportunities between brand sellers and acquirers through the Perpetua Brand Acquisition Ecosystem, introduced a growth capital offering for eCommerce brands with Perpetua Capital and now, a new way for brands gain access to content syndication across top-tier retail and publisher sites with the Perpetua Content Network.

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