How to leverage hourly Amazon performance and Share of Voice data
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How to leverage hourly Amazon performance and Share of Voice data

Tiffany Luk, June 21, 2022

Access to hourly performance and Share of Voice data are crucial to making data-informed decisions, and optimizing your ads for maximum success and profitability. While this data was previously not available at such a granular level, Perpetua Stream now allows advertisers access to this data and to take action on these insights now much more easily than ever before. 

In the Perpetua Stream Reporting dashboard, advertisers have access to Amazon’s latest product, Amazon Marketing Stream, which provides hourly advertising performance data like sales, ACOS, CPC, and more. And with Perpetua’s Search Insights, brands can see how much hourly Share of Voice their search terms own by ad placement and what percentage their search terms own in organic spots in comparison to those taken up by competitors.

But how does this affect advertisers on Amazon? Advertisers can now make data-driven decisions at an even deeper level – at individual hours of a single day, or by day of the week.  With near real-time retrieval and access of performance data, advertisers can now expect to seamlessly optimize their Amazon Sponsored Products goals including Keyword Boost campaigns.

Advertisers can leverage the times of day in which: selected sales metrics may be performing at a subpar level and efficiencies may have room for improvement. Particularly, these are times with lower Cost-per-Clicks (CPC) or Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS), dips in Share of Voice (SOV), or higher sales volume are occurring. Brands can then track this performance via the Perpetua Reporting dashboard, which displays data at an ad account, campaign, and goal level by hour of the day, day of the week, or both. Such refined data allows advertisers to multiply their existing ad campaign bids via the Perpetua Stream dashboard. 

Performance Metrics & Corresponding Ad Strategies to Leverage Perpetua Stream

1. Efficiency

Advertisers looking to improve ACOS, CPCs, or conversion rates (CVR), can leverage Amazon Marketing Stream data to identify times of day and days of the week to multiply bids within dayparting strategies. 

For example, through Perpetua Stream Reporting, a brand could see how their unbranded campaign has performed in the last 30 days within May to June. Discovering that ACOS is the lowest and CVR is the highest with a low CPC on Sundays from 12:00 - 3:00pm, they want to know if the impressive performance is isolated or, rather, a trend since flagship category keywords generally have a high ACOS due to their high search volume

To do so, they continue to take a look at the same 30 day ranges for previous periods and discover that the performance metrics are indeed the most efficient during that specific day of the week and time of the day — when ACOS is the lowest alongside the same CVR and CPC performances in each of these periods seen in the initial one. 

So how can they optimize based on this data? We recommend leveraging Perpetua Stream to create a dayparting strategy that multiplies Sunday’s bids during those defined hours. This will allow them to take advantage of the low CPC, drive increased sales, and ultimately reduce ACOS and blended ACOS across the campaign. In the long run, this can additionally help to improve organic rank and increase both organic and total sales. 

To scale efficiently, advertisers should always allocate adequate budgets to avoid campaigns going dark. This also helps when examining your hourly performance data to understand when and where you can adjust and multiply your bids to incrementally grow performance. At Perpetua, you can achieve this with always-on optimization to ensure your campaigns have sufficient ad budgets running at all hours of the day. 

2. Higher Sales

To grow sales, we recommend leveraging Perpetua Stream Reporting to identify which times of day and days of the week sales volume is the highest. When looking at hourly sales volume, advertisers can see when CPC is the lowest and bid more aggressively on those time intervals. 

For example, if you see that sales are the highest and CPCs are the lowest Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm, we recommend multiplying your bids during these times and on these days to take advantage of the low CPCs to both capture incremental sales and increase total sales. 

It’s important to note that doing so may result in trading off efficiency as the times when CPCs are the lowest does not necessarily equate to the times when CVRs are the highest and ACOS are the lowest.

3. Hourly Share of Voice and Top-of-Search Placements

Some of the most valuable Amazon ad real estate are Sponsored Products’ top-of-search  placements on the first page of search. To win these placements, advertisers can leverage a combination of Search Insights and Perpetua Stream to bid higher on chosen ad campaigns, goals, or segments during days of the week and times of the day when hourly Share of Voice dips, helping them dominate market share and thereby growing their digital shelf presence. 

Advertisers looking to increase brand visibility can use Search Insights to identify when their Share of Voice dips for flagship category keywords. For example, a large coffee brand like Starbucks, can see hourly Share of Voice dips on category keywords like “coffee, coffee beans, coffee pods,” and other category related keywords it is not already bidding on that competitors possibly are, such as “coffee machine, coffee grinder, coffee alternatives,” and then through Perpetua Stream, multiply their bids for those placements in existing campaigns containing its category keywords or on new campaigns which will contain the other category related keywords. 

Similarly, other coffee brands can also leverage this hourly Share of Voice data to increase market share by multiplying their bids on those category keywords during the identified times of day and days of week with Perpetua Stream. For lesser known coffee brands who may not be dominating market share, this is a great way to stay competitive throughout the day, and capture those crucial top-of-search placements — taking advantage of the hourly SOV dips that their competitors are not optimizing for. 

Whether looking to build brand awareness and reach new-to-brand customers, increase purchase intent, drive sales, or dominate market share, Perpetua Stream can help you achieve your goals more efficiently and empower you with actionable insights. To learn more about how Perpetua can help you accelerate your Amazon sales to new heights, email us at

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