Perpetua Masterclass: External Search
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1 min

Perpetua Masterclass: External Search

Martin Saunders, February 22, 2023

In this exclusive 1-hour masterclass Patrick Quaggin-Smith, Emerging Channels Lead at Perpetua, Matilda Lee, Enablement Operations Strategist at Perpetua, and Adrien Darracq, Senior Manager of Performance Marketing at Branded, will discuss how to unleash your reach with the power of off-Amazon ads, and finally make external traffic profitable. With placements across Google Search, Google Shoppable Ads, and custom landing pages on sites like, and, you can maximize your ROAS, and drive incremental revenue. What you’ll learn: - Best practices to leverage editorial style landing pages to scale and increase conversion - How to create multi-touch attribution models and view-through models for external traffic driving to Amazon with Sizmek + Amazon Marketing Cloud - Understand what search queries on Google should drive direct to Amazon versus informational landing pages - How traffic sent to DTC ends up converting on Amazon

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