Perpetua in the Palm of Your Hand
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Perpetua in the Palm of Your Hand

Martin Saunders, May 26, 2022

Advertisers have a ton on their plate. Running from meeting to meeting doesn’t always give you enough time to pull out your laptop and optimize your advertising. In the world of mobile phones, it’s easier than ever to monitor ad performance while saving you time and giving you the confidence knowing that your ads are always optimized.

We are excited to announce updates to our mobile experience that provide seamless integrations with our desktop application and give you more ways to manage your advertising.

Stay Up-to-Date on Performance in seconds

When you are on the go and need to check in on your advertising performance, we understand that getting an easy-to-read snapshot is key. When you open Perpetua’s mobile app, you are presented with the metrics you are used to - with an interface redesigned specifically for mobile devices. And if you manage multiple accounts, you can easily scroll between all of them!

If you want to adjust the metrics on your dashboard, no problem at all! It is completely customizable. Similar to our desktop application, you can edit date ranges and performance data to include over 20 different metrics including ACoS, Attributed Sales, Clicks and Impressions.

Our mobile app also allows you to view settings for each of your goals, giving you peace of mind knowing that the changes you’ve made have been implemented. And if you forgot to make those changes? Making edits is quick and easy.


Quick Editing Wherever You Are

Whether you see opportunities when viewing your account, forgot to make a change earlier in the day, or simply want to change your strategy without hauling out a laptop, our mobile app will allow you to do this. With a simple tap, you can edit target types, target ACoS, daily budgets, pause and even remove goals.


Never Miss Personalized Recommendations

Personalized strategies allow users to make impactful edits to their goals. You can now receive recommendations for Always-On Budget Optimization, Total ACoS Optimization, and Negative Match Recommendations right on your phone. This means you can constantly accept recommendations so your account is always performing at its best. And you heard it first here… push notifications for new recommendations are coming soon 👀


Perpetua’s mobile experience is the perfect complement to the web application you know and love. Anytime access to your performance data, editing actions, and recommendations will allow you to manage your campaigns and ad budgets like never before. Your best performance will always be one tap away.

If you would like to learn more about how Perpetua’s mobile and desktop applications combine to accelerate your sales growth, email us at

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