How Perpetua helped Heroes Globally Scale their Brands on Amazon and Grow Their Total Sales by 2.6x
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How Perpetua helped Heroes Globally Scale their Brands on Amazon and Grow Their Total Sales by 2.6x

Kyra Petticrew, September 9, 2021

Heroes, a UK-based, global consumer firm that acquires, operates and scales Amazon FBA businesses was founded by brotherly trio Alessio, Riccardo and Giancarlo Bruni in mid-2020. With complementary skillsets across investment banking, corporate finance, and eCommerce, Heroes found the perfect founder-team within their own family.

Focusing on acquiring FBA businesses across high-growth niches such as baby, pets, home & garden, and fitness, Heroes leverages Amazon's sophisticated infrastructure to streamline integration processes across all of the businesses they acquire. And with a presence across key markets in Europe, the US and Australia, the Heroes team has a wide range of expertise that allows them to handle the different complexities and variability of these markets.

Looking to drive incremental sales performance across each of their brands in an effort to scale into new geographical markets, Heroes needed to find a way to quickly and efficiently boost awareness of their brands, drive conversions and capture new-to-brand customers. Enter Perpetua.

Since launching with Perpetua, Heroes has seen:

  • 2.6x total sales across all Heroes brands

  • Scaled from 1 to over 8 brands on Perpetua across 7 key markets

  • Flagship brands like Onco have scaled across 6 global markets since launching

  • 4.2x CTR across all of Onco's global markets

Heroes team

The Challenge

For Heroes, focusing on expanding their brands internationally and introducing them to new geographical regions is critical to remaining competitive in the market. This comes down to leveraging Amazon Advertising to drive brand awareness, capture new customers, and grow sales across their catalogue of brands.

"Once we acquire a brand, we turn our efforts to quickly growing that brand in its current market, and then assessing the opportunity for further geographical expansion," says Max Lester, PPC Lead at Heroes. "Efficiently scaling sales and profit in the existing markets puts us in good stead to break into other markets, while maintaining an efficient ACOS and blended ACOS."

Onco 01

The Solution

To capture these new customers and drive incremental sales, Heroes turned to Perpetua to help scale their catalogue of brands across the Amazon marketplace. Leveraging Perpetua's always-on optimizations targeting high-converting keywords across Amazon Sponsored Ads, Google Ads via Amazon Attribution, and the Amazon DSP, Heroes has been able to grow their category-winning brands across multiple global markets in just several months.

"Perpetua is constantly on the cutting edge of everything we want to test and try out with Amazon," says PPC Lead Max Lester, "We're able to leverage the initial success of our brands to expand across new ad units like Google Ads and the Amazon DSP and then into new geographies."

"We have looked at a lot of solutions out there and Perpetua stood out from the rest - especially in regards to the Amazon DSP," says Co-Founder Alessio Bruni, "We're also very excited to be an official partner of Perpetua’s Brand Acquisition Ecosystem, allowing FBA sellers to sell to a trusted acquirer in the most efficient manner."



As a result of Heroes leveraging Perpetua to manage their Amazon Advertising and as a partner of the Brand Acquisition Ecosystem, Heroes has grown from 1 to over 8 brands within Perpetua across 7 key global markets within Europe, the US, and Australia, and seen a 2.6x increase in total sales across all of these brands.

And for flagship brands like Onco, one of Heroes’ first brands to leverage Perpetua in a single market, they've seen a 20x increase in impressions across what is now 6 global markets driving a 4.2x increase in CTR and 168% increase in conversion rate.

"Perpetua's comprehensive suite of marketing capabilities, with a clear focus on Amazon, helps us to drive the top-line efficiently," says Alessio Bruni, Co-Founder of Heroes. "We have seen rapid growth in our first year and that wouldn't have been possible without Perpetua."

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To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business