Perpetua expands marketplace advertising optimization with support for Sponsored Ads on
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Perpetua expands marketplace advertising optimization with support for Sponsored Ads on

Perpetua Newsroom, June 4, 2021

Perpetua brings scalability and reach for brands looking to achieve incremental growth with their eCommerce advertising across multiple marketplaces, and now that includes advertising on

With over 1,900 stores across the United States, over 30 million weekly in-store shoppers and even more shopping, browsing, and planning their next Target trip on, Target is a staple in many individuals' homes and a go-to online shopping destination. With that, Target has also become an increasingly important part of brands commerce advertising strategy. In fact, In 2020, Target’s digital sales grew 145% - it is clear the opportunity for brands to build awareness and drive sales on Target is significant.

With Perpetua's integration with the Criteo Retail Media API, brands are able to build brand awareness with those customers who not only shop on but those who will buy in store as well. Target has a loyal customer base of shoppers who start their product searches online, making it an important part of a commerce advertising strategy. Marketers taking advantage of search, category, browse and product detail page placements will get clear visibility into the impact of their paid media on achieving incremental growth for their brand through Perpetua.

Perpetua's marketplace expansion brings campaign analytics including real-time reporting dashboards on sponsored ads for marketers looking to maximize the efficiency of their ad spend on Support for sponsored ads on Target not only gives eCommerce advertisers access to industry and platform experts, but will soon include automated campaign creation and optimization, along with the tools to develop, implement and optimize their full customer journey strategy on (currently in closed Beta).

  • Maximize the efficiency of your ad spend by harnessing the power of Perpetua to make the right bid, at the right time.

  • Get a unified view across omnichannel marketplaces, with clear visibility to the impact that your paid media has on achieving incremental growth.

To learn more about how you can build brand awareness, share of voice and grow your business with Target ads, or other marketplaces advertising opportunities, reach out to us at

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