Perpetua Content Network: Unlocking Amazon Editorial Publications to drive sales and increase organic rank
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Perpetua Content Network: Unlocking Amazon Editorial Publications to drive sales and increase organic rank

Michelle Meleskie, February 25, 2022

In 2021 we announced our Content Network beta, unlocking access to publishers who can write on-Amazon editorials for an exclusive subset of our customers. These editorials allow advertisers to not only generate sales directly through links in the articles but also to increase organic rank on the Search Terms the articles appear on. In the past year, we have been working closely with our beta program to get to the bottom of how Amazon Editorials should be incorporated into your strategy and how to best measure success.

Today we are extremely excited to announce that Perpetua’s Content Network is now available to everyone, with easy access to apply for editorials and reporting on performance built directly into the platform.

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What do you get with Perpetua’s Content Network?

Access to Publishers

Although Amazon Editorials appear within Search results similar to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, these cannot be purchased through the Ad Console. To be featured in these editorials you need to build relationships with the exclusive list of publishers that Amazon has invited to write on-site. Perpetua is now making this connection for you - all you need to do is choose the ASINs and Search Terms you want to be featured on and we handle the rest.

Real-time reporting on Editorial Sales

When shoppers purchase a product through Amazon Editorials, the sale will be attributed to the editorial (there is no double-counting with other ad units). In platform reporting on your editorial sales alongside sales being generated from other placements allows you to track performance in the way you are used to.

Reporting on the whole picture: Organic Rank & Sales

Sales being generated directly from your editorial is only one piece of the picture. Easily track your Organic Rank and how it improves with Perpetua Search Term tracking, and monitor how this increased Organic Rank improves Organic Sales with Total Sales Analytics.

Are you still wondering if Amazon editorials are right for you? Learn more about how these powerful placements work, and reach out to us at to get started!

To get started or learn more about how Perpetua can help you scale your Amazon Advertising business, contact us at