Perpetua expands retail media advertising solution via CitrusAd API
CitrusAd partnership
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Perpetua expands retail media advertising solution via CitrusAd API

Perpetua Newsroom, May 18, 2021

Perpetua brands and agencies accelerate growth across thousands of additional retailers through CitrusAd, America's fastest growing eCommerce ad network

SAN FRANCISCO - May 18th,2021 - Perpetua, a global leader in eCommerce advertising and intelligence software has recently partnered with CitrusAd, the world's fastest growing retail media platform, bringing added scalability and reach to brands and advertisers looking to engage the growing number of online shoppers. The partnership gives Perpetua customers seamless integration of campaigns across an additional 25,000+ retailers as part of the CitrusAd eCommerce Ad Network integration, including Wakefern, Harris Teeter, Hy-Vee and Petco stores among others. The CitrusAd eCommerce Network represents over $200bn in total grocer sales and is rapidly growing with more contracted retailers going live this year. With average media conversion rates of 55%, CitrusAd will be the latest addition to Perpetua marketplaces.

"Our clients come to us to accelerate growth across retail media and we are thrilled to bring them access to the additional eCommerce sites, through our partnership with CitrusAd," says Adam Epstein, VP Growth Perpetua. "The integration of Perpetua and CitrusAd gives advertisers and agencies the tools to simplify the complexity of managing and optimizing their advertising goals across all SKUs while reaching customers where they are shopping."

According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023, expecting to surpass $740 billion in that time. As traffic to eCommerce sites continues to grow and retailers expand their online presence, retail media remains an increasingly important part of advertising strategy for brands and marketers. The partnership between Perpetua and CitrusAd creates an opportunity for marketers to keep up with new CitrusAd Network entrants while maximizing the impact of their ad placements for total market share growth and in store sales.

"We are excited to be part of Perpetua's marketplace expansion, which provides scalability to all parties involved. For CitrusAd and retailers on our network this offers a direct connection to leading advertisers using Perpetua's optimization and intelligence software. For Perpetua and its agencies this expands their reach to many other retailers and their customers," said David Haase, Chief Revenue Officer at CitrusAd.

The CPG industry has shown exceptional growth in the past few years, and the rate of CPG sales growth is expected to continue to increase, meaning competition for market share and customers will remain high. Perpetua's industry-leading analytics and reporting unlocks opportunities for agencies and brands looking to engage customers as they search and purchase new products across retail sites online. As CitrusAd continues to increase the number of retail partners and expand its retailer network, Perpetua customers have day-one access and seamless integration to any additional retailers being added through CitrusAd API, and ability to track performance in real-time.

Marketplace advertising is an increasingly important part of a holistic omnichannel strategy for marketers. Agencies and brands looking for advertising software solutions to manage the complexity of eCommerce advertising on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and now CitrusAd's retail platforms including Petco, Hy-Vee, HarrisTeeter etc. have a competitive advertising edge when partnering with Perpetua.

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About CitrusAd

CitrusAd is the world-leading, white-label, self-serve, eCommerce advertising platform that enables retailers to monetize their digital shelf-space while enabling suppliers to increase sales by launching targeted and cost-effective digital campaigns right at the point of purchase. Since it was launched in 2017, CitrusAd powers the fastest growing eCommerce ad network in the USA and has become the global, retail industry’s preferred sponsored product, banner ad platform, service and retail media sales organization. Successful retailers, across all verticals from 25 different countries are leveraging the CitrusAd platform and real-time relevancy engine to create a more personalized shopping experience and deliver greater ROI for suppliers. For more information, visit

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