Perpetua Capital expands to Europe and LATAM through partnership with Ritmo Capital
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Perpetua Capital expands to Europe and LATAM through partnership with Ritmo Capital

Sanny Zhou, March 23, 2022

Perpetua, a global provider of growth infrastructure for eCommerce, has been rapidly expanding its international reach over the past few months. Through a new partnership with Ritmo Capital, Perpetua is now opening up its growth capital offering to Europe and LATAM based customers to provide its customers with embedded, flexible, non-dilutive growth capital and actionable insights. Capital is embedded in the core Perpetua platform and enables customers to readily access up to £3 million unrestricted capital in as fast as 24 hours.

“The rapid growth we’ve seen across our clients has undoubtedly been driven by their quick and simple access to capital, something we’ve been able to support our customers with for some time in North America through our partnership with Yardline.” said Mark James, Head of Europe at Perpetua. ”As brands in Europe continue to identify new opportunities, expand on new marketplaces, and in more countries, there are significant incremental capital requirements. That is why we’re so excited to offer access to capital with our new partnership here with Ritmo. We’re confident this will help them accelerate their growth even further.”

Key benefits of the Perpetua Capital solution include:

  • Up to £3 million of unrestricted capital to stock up on inventory, accelerate advertising, and invest in new product launches.

  • A strong partnership network with the best players in the market who will help to solve any problem related to eCommerce businesses such as fulfillment, logistics, marketplaces, opening new markets, legal, etc.

  • Ritmo Insights: a software dashboard where advertisers can track sales, marketing investments, forecasts, payments, etc. These key metrics will guide on how to boost their business further

  • A Ritmo Account Manager: an eCommerce expert who will help to identify growth opportunities, solve operational issues, tackle them with their different partners and understand the market in order to boost sales.

“Our mission is to help eCommerce and online sellers succeed and scale their businesess quickly without the need for dilution” noted Raimundo Burguera, CEO and Co-founder of Ritmo Capital. “We see Perpetua as the perfect partner for Ritmo as they do an amazing job at helping eCommerce optimize their marketing investments with their automated ad engine, while Ritmo can help the company fuel this investment by giving them access to flexible capital. The combination of both will make eCommerce businesses grow in an efficient way and scale their business.”

About Perpetua

Perpetua builds growth infrastructure for eCommerce, including growth optimization and reporting technology for the world's smartest eCommerce businesses. Through the platform, advertisers create goals based on strategy and leverage Perpetua's best in class, always-on optimization engine to execute tactically. Integrations with Amazon, Instacart and Walmart ensure brands achieve optimal reach and engagement across the full shopper journey, and provide unified performance intelligence for maximum visibility.

About Ritmo

Ritmo’s mission is to help eCommerce and Online Sellers succeed and scale their businesses quickly without the need for dilution. They are transforming the capital industry to make it more accessible, fair and transparent for online sellers in Europe and Latin America. Ritmo invests between £10K and £3M under a revenue-share model, with no hidden fees, adapting to different rates of growth. A fixed commission is applied on the capital advanced, which is paid back with a small percentage of sales until the total borrowed capital is paid back. To learn more, visit

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