Perpetua Brings Yardline’s Embedded Growth Capital Offering to eCommerce Brands
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Perpetua Brings Yardline’s Embedded Growth Capital Offering to eCommerce Brands

Perpetua Newsroom, March 24, 2021

Yardline’s Capital-as-a-Service Platform Unlocks up to $1 Million of Growth Capital for Perpetua Clients

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK - March 24, 2021 - Perpetua, a global provider of growth infrastructure for eCommerce, has partnered with Yardline Capital to provide embedded, flexible, non-dilutive growth capital and business optimization tools to eCommerce brands.  The newly launched Perpetua Capital is embedded in the core Perpetua platform enabling clients to readily access up to $1 million of unrestricted capital in as fast as one business day.

"The incredible growth we have seen for our clients on eCommerce marketplaces is heavily dependent on speedy and seamless access to capital,” said Joe Rideout, President of Perpetua. "As eCommerce brands identify new opportunities and expand on new marketplaces, there are significant incremental capital requirements. Our newly embedded capital solution in partnership with Yardline enables us to further accelerate the growth for our eCommerce brands.”

Nicole + Brizee, a leading beauty products line from the WWE duo “The Bella Twins”, Nikki and Brie Bella, leveraged the Perpetua Capital offer to realize year-over-year revenue growth of over 400%, including over 1,000 new product reviews, an 18% increase in average order value, and adding more than 15,000 Instagram followers in under one month. 

"We were amazed at how seamlessly and easily we were able to access growth capital for our business,” said Samantha Kent, Co-founder, Nicole + Brizee. “Through the Perpetua platform, we are dynamically pre-qualified for financing and we simply enabled our account on Yardline to access the funds. It was incredibly streamlined and fast, and the capital bundled with the advisory services we received helped us to accelerate our growth”

Key benefits of the Perpetua Capital solution include:

  • Up to $1 million of unrestricted capital to stock up on inventory, accelerate advertising, and invest in new product launches.

  • A Yardline Seller Success Manager - an eCommerce expert who provides in-depth business consultations, helps tackle operational issues, and identifies strategic opportunities to expedite growth and increase profitability.

  • A Yardline 50 Business Assessment (Y50BA)™, which benchmarks key operating metrics and guides sellers on incremental efficiencies or opportunities to scale.

“Our mission is to use the extensive eCommerce and platform data to provide ubiquitous access to capital for fast growing eCommerce businesses,” noted Ari Horowitz, CEO of Yardline Capital. “Perpetua already leverages advertising data to accelerate growth with their AI-powered ad engine which makes them the perfect partner for our Capital-as-a-Service solution.”

About Perpetua

Perpetua is building the growth infrastructure for eCommerce which includes growth optimization and reporting technology for the world's smartest eCommerce businesses. Through the platform, advertisers create goals based on strategy and leverage Perpetua's best in class, AI-powered optimization engine to execute tactically. Integrations with Amazon, Instacart and Google ensure brands achieve optimal reach and engagement across the full shopper journey, and provide unified performance intelligence for maximum visibility. Perpetua is venture-backed with offices in San Francisco and Toronto. To learn more, visit

About Yardline Capital

Yardline Capital readily provides growth capital to enable eCommerce sellers to thrive in the marketplace economy and live the entrepreneurial dream. Yardline provides growth capital, business tools and competitive insights to help sellers improve operations, increase profitability and promote business growth on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. As a turnkey, embedded solution, Yardline’s Capital-as-a-Service platform enables flexible, non-dilutive growth capital for eCommerce and marketplace sellers. Using proprietary technologies, data science-backed tools and industry-leading expertise, Yardline empowers sellers on online marketplaces to work smarter and grow faster. To learn more, visit

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