Introducing Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem
BAE Brand Acquisition Ecosystem
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Introducing Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem

Patrick Quaggin-Smith, July 7, 2021

With unprecedented eCommerce growth across multiple marketplaces in the past year, it is clear that Amazon remains a critical player. With brands and sellers benefitting from the progression of eCommerce driven by the pandemic, many have seen years of growth in a matter of months. As a result, those following the Amazon space have seen the meteoric rise of brand acquisition companies. In total, Brand Acquirers have raised over $6 billion (source: Marketplace Pulse) in known venture capital funding to acquire new brands every month and scale performance.

Analyzing an Amazon business for acquisition is not an easy task, the secret is in selecting strong products and avoiding fads. It requires analyzing the sales, marketing, marketshare, and profit loss data, while simultaneously forecasting growth potential on Amazon and beyond. This process requires a number of different tools and unique domain expertise.

And for brands and sellers looking to sell their business, this can be a daunting process. With so many potential companies to sell to, it is hard to even know where to begin. Whether they're looking to unlock the next tier of growth, or want to cash out and start the process over, many want to make sure that not only are they getting the best possible return, but also that the company acquiring their business will continue to support its growth.

Selling your business in Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem

Brands who are interested in selling their companies can fill out a short questionnaire in-app (takes under 60 second to fill out), and Perpetua will combine that with their advertising and sales data to send to potential acquirers from Perpetua's acquiring partners including Branded, Dragonfly Commerce, Heroes, Forum Brands and Acquco. These evaluation reports weigh metrics such as current revenue, ad spend, organic and paid marketshare, and benchmarking relative to other businesses in the industry. If Perpetua's acquisition partners are interested, a connection is made within 5 business days to allow for further conversations.

Brands can choose what details to share about their company in the application, making this entire process anonymous if they choose. This means that:

  1. Brands can choose to not connect with Perpetua's partners after they express interest, the process is fully in their hands

  2. They can opt out at any time - there is no commitment from filling out the survey

Selling with Amazon not only offers small businesses the opportunity to build their brand and reach millions of customers, but also serves as a platform for mom and pop brands to take their business to the next level with the expertise, international access and purchasing power brand aggregators can provide through acquisition.

To learn more about what happens when brands sell their companies, watch our podcast with Perch and Forum Brands:

To get started selling your business, login to the Perpetua app and click on the get acquired tab. From there you will be asked a few questions about your company (the application will take less than 60 seconds to fill out). From there Perpetua will send this along with your account performance to data to our acquisition partners, and will connect you with them if you are interested.

Are you an Acquisition company that would like to join Perpetua's Brand Acquisition Ecosystem to connect with our diverse customer base? We'd love to start that conversation with you, reach out to us at

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