How Natural Dog Company Scaled their Amazon Sponsored Display Ads with Perpetua to Grow Sales by 4x
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How Natural Dog Company Scaled their Amazon Sponsored Display Ads with Perpetua to Grow Sales by 4x

Kyra Petticrew, June 9, 2021

Natural Dog Company was founded on the principle of bringing health and wellness solutions to dogs and peace of mind to dog parents. Launching first with their best-selling healing balms selling direct to consumer and on Amazon, Natural Dog Company has now expanded to a full range of dog care products and to brick and mortar retailers like Meijer, Bentley's, Pet People and more.

With all-natural, organic ingredients, Natural Dog Company is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of all dogs through their vet-tested and approved products. Initially using branded search ads as the primary means of advertising their products, Natural Dog Company shifted their focus to a category and competitor conquesting strategy via Amazon Sponsored Display to help drive new-to-brand customers, build the basket, and launch new products.

Leveraging their top of search domination strategy, Natural Dog Company focuses on dominating the Product Detail Pages (PDP) of both their own best-selling products and those of their competitors. When customers search and land on those top-performing PDPs, Natural Dog Company ensures their ads monopolize the available ad placements to help drive consideration for and click through to their products.

Since launching Sponsored Display ads with Perpetua, Natural Dog Company has seen:

  • 4x increase in sales

  • Impressions increase by 88%

  • 133% increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

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The Challenge

For Natural Dog Company, expansion of their product line and growing sales was reliant on driving new-to-brand customers and increasing the lifetime value (LTV) and repeat purchase rate of their existing customers. This came down to dominating the PDPs of both their best-selling products and their competitors to launch newer products with a higher LTV like their supplements and shampoos.

"When we started, we saw a lot of success with our healing balms and branded search, but as we transitioned it became clear that we had to shift focus to a category and competitor strategy," says Molly Gorie, Amazon eCommerce Manager at Natural Dog Company. "It was crucial not only to defend our brand on our own PDPs but to also drive brand awareness and gain new customers by targeting our competitors."

The Solution

In an effort to dominate their own PDPs and those of their competition, Natural Dog Company turned to Perpetua to help scale their Amazon Sponsored Display ads. Pulling data from their Sponsored Product campaigns, Perpetua optimized Natural Dog Company's bids to work in harmony with their other ad units.

And with Sponsored Display's above the fold placements, Product Detail Pages become a great way to encourage shoppers to build their basket and explore other products from the same brand, or alternatively consider other brands with similar products. Leveraging Perpetua's always-on optimizations, Natural Dog Company was able to own their brand space from search through to conversion and target competitor products to capture new-to-brand customers at high-intent purchase moments.

"Part of the success of launching our new products was leveraging our best-selling healing balms, and dominating those PDPs with Sponsored Display ads to help build the basket and drive awareness for our other, newer products."

"With Perpetua, we were able to really quickly scale our business. They made it easy to shift our focus from branded search to a category and competitor strategy and provided support and recommendations to help us incrementally grow our sales."
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As a result of Natural Dog Company's shift to a category and competitor strategy, they have been able to drive a 4x increase in sales from Sponsored Display with a 40% increase to total sales since launching with Perpetua. While scaling their spend on Sponsored ads by over 120%, Natural Dog Company has managed to decrease their branded spend by 40% allowing them to reallocate this spend to their category and competitor initiatives.

Additionally, shifting their focus from ROAS to impressions and CTR has allowed Natural Dog Company to better measure the impact of their Sponsored Display ads on driving new-to-brand customers and building the basket. They have more than doubled their CTR with 133% increase and seen an 88% increase in overall impressions.

"I don't think we would be able to successfully run our advertising without Perpetua. They make it extremely easy to navigate Sponsored Display. We're able to set up our goals and launch in a matter of seconds, and easily see the impact of our brand defense and competitor conquest strategies on our CTR and sales."

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