Scale your agency with ease: Introducing Perpetua Manager Accounts
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Scale your agency with ease: Introducing Perpetua Manager Accounts

Meghna Bhalla, April 14, 2022

In today’s automation-driven eCommerce world, agencies are able to manage multiple accounts in a way that wasn't previously possible. Leveraging Perpetua allows your focus to be on strategy rather than manual campaign management, but the administration of managing multiple accounts can still be an incredibly time-consuming process.

Introducing Perpetua Manager Accounts

Manager accounts provide your agency with a way to group and manage access to multiple accounts in Perpetua. These groupings can represent your agency's entire portfolio of accounts, a specific brand manager's set of accounts, or even multiple accounts belonging to the same advertiser (operating under different brands and/or geographies).

How can Manager Accounts help your agency?

  • When team members join or leave your company, you can add or remove them from multiple accounts with 1-click

  • Constant visibility for leadership to ensure that brand managers only have access to the accounts that they manage - allowing you and your clients peace of mind on data security

  • Grouping of accounts in a manager account enables consolidated reporting via Perpetua's new Multi-Account Executive Dashboard

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