Driving Scalable Growth on Walmart: Introducing Walmart Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Software
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Driving Scalable Growth on Walmart: Introducing Walmart Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Software

Claire Lee, September 21, 2021

With one in four purchases from Walmart.com starting out as a search and over 80 million products for interested shoppers to skim through, Walmart Advertising's Sponsored Product ads are pivotal in ensuring prime visibility of your products. However, like any other marketplace, you need to learn the ropes to come out on top and reach scalable growth.

If you're accustomed to operating in marketplaces such as Amazon or Instacart, simply copying and pasting the same strategies and tactics over to Walmart will likely be ineffective. With Walmart Advertising nuances like being a first-priced auction, incorporating relevancy hurdles for premium in-feed placements, prohibiting competitor conquesting, and more, you'll need to re-evaluate and re-learn your ad management strategy if you want to be successful on Walmart in 2021 and beyond.

For most brands and sellers, re-learning the dynamics and nuances of a whole new advertising environment is not a feasible plan of action. Especially with the rising importance of multi-channel integration bringing in more complexity. Now with Perpetua's Walmart advertising optimization and intelligence software, you can allow us to do all the heavy lifting for you so you can have a strategic advantage in this exciting market to reach your growth goals.

Perpetua for Walmart Advertising


Advertisers can now leverage advanced features for Walmart Advertising including access to bid shading, share-of-voice reporting and keyword harvesting. Not all marketplaces are created equal, and it is imperative that brands and sellers have the right plan in place for each eCommerce and retail media site they advertise on, including Walmart. Advertisers using Perpetua's Walmart software to implement their marketing plans have a strategic advantage to reach and exceed their growth goals.

Always-on optimization built for the first-price auction

Unlike most marketplaces which use a second price auction, Walmart advertising operates on a first-price auction. This means that advertisers pay exactly what they bid - making it extremely easy to overspend on keywords. Perpetua's ad engine was designed for this type of auction, implementing strategies including bid shading to ensure that you always have the most efficient bid. This, in tandem with Perpetua's best practices built on other marketplaces allow advertisers to scale while remaining efficient - all without having to set a single rule.

Keyword research and harvesting tools

Unlocking the ability to decide how you want to scale, advertisers have the option to decide on automated keyword harvesting, to harvest after a specific number of conversions, or to not automatically harvest any new keywords at all. In the third case advertisers will be provided with a list of keywords that they can add to goals with 1-click. Once again this allows advertisers to decide on a goal by goal basis how they want to grow.

Advanced analytics: Share of Voice and Organic Rank tracking

Although monitoring organic rank is important on any marketplace, this becomes even more critical on Walmart. Walmart only allows advertisers to bid on keywords when they rank within the top 128 spots organically, so understanding if you rank high enough to bid on a keyword, becomes a crucial part of defining your strategy. In addition to this, Perpetua provides reporting on where your traffic is coming from - based on device & ad placement.

For many brands and sellers, achieving profitable sales growth on a variety of marketplaces such as Walmart is imperative, making it more important than ever to ensure you have the right plan of action in place. At Perpetua, we're here to provide simple, smart solutions for advertisers to better their advertising outcomes, grow their online presence, and drive incremental growth to their business.

If you want to know more about how you can get started with Perpetua and Walmart advertising, reach out to your Data Strategist or start a conversation with us at hello@perpetua.io.

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