Dominate the Product Detail Page: Introducing the NEW Sponsored Display
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Dominate the Product Detail Page: Introducing the NEW Sponsored Display

Michelle Meleskie, June 9, 2021

When developing your Amazon advertising strategy, it's easy to focus on share of voice on your branded terms or on category keywords and forget about Product Detail Pages (PDPs). But with 42% of clicks and 30% of sales for Sponsored Products ads coming from Product Detail Pages, owning the ad placements on these pages is extremely important.

There are multiple ad units to consider when developing your PDP strategy, and Sponsored Display is a crucial component as these ad placements are the most assured way to appear above the fold.


But Perpetua already had product targeting, so whats new?

Sponsored Display goals can now be launched on any grouping of ASINs - not just on ASINs that are in a Sponsored Products goal. Although we loved the ease of launching goals before, we understand that advanced strategies require custom groupings.

Additionally, you are now able to have one ASIN in multiple Sponsored Display goals if you are planning a complex strategy across your catalogue. For example, we often receive requests to launch 1 defensive segment across all ASINs in your account to ensure you are always defending your Product Detail Pages with relevant content.

Brand Defense & Competitor Conquesting

You may have different objectives for Branded and Competitor spending across your other ad units, so why not do the same for Sponsored Display? All Sponsored Display goals now have separate segments for Branded and Competitor ASINs, allowing you to set a budget and ACOS target for each. This also makes it easy to compare your ad performance across different ad units - comparing the cost of defense or competitor conquesting on Sponsored Display vs. Sponsored Products.


Custom ASIN Segments

Budgets and ACOS targets for all branded or competitor traffic is great, but what if you want even more control? We understand that you may have a budget for specific ASINs that matter to you, and we want you to be able to target these ASINs. For our Perpetua power users, think keyword boosts but for Sponsored Display.

Target level controls

Customize your strategy further by pausing targets you don't want to go after, or performing bid adjustments to push Perpetua's ad engine in the right direction.


At Perpetua we feel that everyone should be leveraging Sponsored Display product targeting to execute on their Product Detail Pages, and are so excited to provide you the flexibility to do this in a way that aligns with your strategy.

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