Introducing Perpetua's Agency Marketplace
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Introducing Perpetua's Agency Marketplace

Kyra Petticrew, May 26, 2021

Perpetua works with some of the world's best agencies and our new in-app Agency Marketplace gives you access to our trusted agency partners like Podean, Cartograph, Incrementum Digital, Brave One and more, that already have experience and expertise with managing brands in Perpetua.


Why should I use Perpetua's Agency marketplace to find an agency?

Our Agency Marketplace makes it easy for you to seamlessly select and transition management of your Perpetua account to an agency that already works within our platform. By choosing one of Perpetua's agency partners you can continue to use Perpetua to fuel your growth.

We recommend using our Agency Marketplace to avoid down time while you're in-between managing ads on your own and transitioning to an agency. This means you will still have access to your ad history, historical sales data, and your agency partner can take over your already running ads within Perpetua without having to pause, cancel or recreate campaigns from scratch.

Our in-app feature allows you to easy find the agency that best suits your needs, with a breakdown of who the agency is, the services they offer and their fees. All of the agencies listed on the marketplace have proven success managing ads, and driving incremental sales within Perpetua and are among our trusted growth partners, so you can trust them too.

Learn more about our Agency Marketplace here, or you can reach out to us at

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