Introducing New Search Term Insights: Organic Rank and Hourly Share of Voice
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Introducing New Search Term Insights: Organic Rank and Hourly Share of Voice

Michelle Meleskie, March 29, 2022

In this day and age, there is no debate over how important it is to use accurate data in order to optimize your advertising. You would never want to change your bids based on conversion and click numbers that you thought might be close to actual performance. So why do we hold data on Organic Rank and Share of Voice to a different standard? Particularly when we might be using these insights to determine where we will be spending a significant portion of our budgets.

Why aren’t these metrics always reliable?

Organic Rank and Share of Voice aren’t metrics that are provided by Amazon - the only way to access them is by measuring them from Amazon throughout the day. Due to this, there may be different methodologies used by different providers of this data. At Perpetua, we found that there were 2 key issues in data quality when it came to how most providers calculate these metrics.

Daily averages are calculated by snapshots from 1-4 times/day

If you do 2 back to back searches on Amazon right now, you will see that the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) does not remain the same. This change becomes even more apparent if you were to do these searches in the morning or at the end of the day. With traditional Keyword Tracking, snapshots are taken 1-4 times per day to determine a daily average, but there is typically no consistency in what time of day this data is pulled. This results in daily averages that may be missing critical time periods of the day, and a daily average based on too small of a sample size to be accurate.

Multiple data sets are combined to pull “historical” data

As soon as someone decides they care about a search term, we can begin to observe what the SERP looks like each day. But what about the time period before that decision was made? One option that companies can provide is to purchase search term data from different sources and merge it in order to get a history. The issue with this approach is that this data likely won’t indicate when the sources switched, and different sources may be very different. It becomes a guessing game to know if you can trust the trends you are seeing.

Introducing Perpetua’s new Search Insights

We have had Search Term and Keyword Tracking in Perpetua for quite some time now, but as we identified the gaps above we knew it was critical to update our data so that our customers had access to the best. So what’s new?

We measure at all hours of the day

We are now monitoring the Amazon SERP at all hours of the day. This is an order of magnitude more frequent than most sources. With this, you can look at daily averages and trust that they are accurate and that trends are consistent. Additionally, you can look at your Share of Voice or Organic Rank by hour of day over any week, which allows you to customize your bidding strategy accordingly.

All data available in our platform follows this same methodology

After seeing how much different data sources can change Organic Rank and Share of Voice (even on the same days), we have committed to only using our data set. This means that if you see a trend, you can trust it and use it to guide your strategy.

Along with this significant increase in data quality, we wanted to make sure that our customers could view this data in a way that was actionable, and provide the tools to action upon it. With that - our dashboards have also received a serious upgrade.

Share of Voice Tracking

New Share of Voice tracking makes it incredibly easy to understand (by placement) not only how your brands are doing, but how competitors are doing. When looking at daily or weekly trends, Perpetua’s Keyword Boosts can be used to increase spending on specific terms. When looking at hourly trends, advertisers can leverage dayparting to ensure their ads show when they want them to.

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Organic Rank Tracking

Organic Rank is tracked for the top 50 ASINs for every Search Term. Not only can you see how your ASIN’s rank is changing over time, but also can keep a close eye on competitors to see if they are gaining traction. We recommend daily and weekly views when looking at Organic Rank tracking, and leveraging Keyword Boosts to increase or decrease your investment in specific keywords.

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