Introducing KENP Metrics for KDP Authors
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Introducing KENP Metrics for KDP Authors

Kyra Petticrew, March 3, 2021

Amazon has long dominated a large portion of the U.S. book market share, and this is partly due to their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) branch that allows authors to self-publish their work on Amazon. And for KDP authors, Amazon's KDP advertising allows you to access Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and lock screen ads to promote your titles.

For authors leveraging KDP to self-publish, there exists limitations to advertising, as you may not have the bandwidth or knowledge to manually manage these Amazon ads successfully. Enter ad automation software, like Perpetua. This enables you to more easily set up, manage and optimize your book advertising with our AI-powered ad engine.

However, for KDP authors also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, you don't only measure success by sales, but also have access to KU-specific metrics like Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) that help estimate earned royalties from pages read. KDP authors have long struggled (especially with advertising software) to find ways to measure your KENP Reads and Royalties generated by Amazon ads.

Today, that all changes.

We're extremely excited to announce the release of Perpetua for KDP Authors. Authors enrolled in Kindle Unlimited can now access KENP Reads, Estimated KENP Royalties, and ACOR (Advertising Cost of Royalties) helping to measure the impact of your ads on your KENP.

How KENP Metrics Work in Perpetua

You are likely already familiar with KENP Read and Estimated KENP Royalties - two metrics that provide the estimated number of normalized pages and royalties attributed to a book's borrow from Kindle Unlimited.

However, we are also introducing a new metric, ACOR which is your advertising cost of royalties. This metric divides your ad spend by your attributed royalties to give you a better idea of how much you're spending to drive those royalties.

KENP Read, Estimated KENP Royalties and ACOR can all be found in your Perpetua dashboard for your account overview, in all of your goals, and in each of your targets and search terms on your account.

We're excited to continue to build out features that support KDP authors and your unique advertising needs.

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