Introducing Perpetua Stream: Intraday Optimization leveraging hourly reporting
Introducing Perpetua Stream
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Introducing Perpetua Stream: Intraday Optimization leveraging hourly reporting

Michelle Meleskie, June 21, 2022

There has always been speculation on how shopping behavior on Amazon varies over the course of the day, with advertisers spending significant time changing bids by the hour to try to maximize the efficiency of their budgets. However, historically as there was no way to view campaign performance by the hour, there was no way to validate if this hourly optimization was in fact helping or hurting campaign performance.

We are so excited to announce that with the release of Amazon Marketing Stream, Perpetua is launching Perpetua Stream, all the tools you need to optimize your campaigns for every hour of the day based on whatever your objectives are - Sales, Efficiency, Share of Voice and more.

Why haven’t we optimized hourly before?

The biggest gap in hourly optimization was access to hourly data, and then being able to interpret that data to draw insights. We are so excited to announce two new reporting functions in Perpetua focused on presenting actionable insights

Hourly Campaign Performance

Heat maps viewable by goal or campaign allow you to see within seconds when your key metrics rise or fall. All advertisers need to do is choose the KPI that matters the most to them, and they can easily see what times of the day and days of the week it peaks and falls. Viewing by campaign or by goal allows advertisers with fewer data points to group multiple campaigns together so that they can still leverage the benefits of intraday optimization.

Hourly Share of Voice

With Share of Voice being tracked hourly across over 100k terms (and the option to add custom terms), it is easy for advertisers to see when they own the page and on which terms. Advertisers hoping to dominate on their branded terms can see exactly when competitors are targeting them specifically across their page, while advertisers hoping to own top of search for their category terms can see when they are winning and losing those placements.

Note: Share of Voice data does not come from Amazon Marketing Stream

Introducing Perpetua Stream

Once advertisers know exactly when they need to be bidding differently, they can build schedules to increase (up to 10x) or decrease bids for each hour of the day and day of week. Once schedules are made, apply to multiple goals, a single goal, or single campaigns within a goal based on your specific account objectives - all with only a few clicks.

Stream Scheduling
A clickthrough of Perpetua's Stream scheduling

Looking to learn more about how to ensure your ads are optimized for every hour of the day? Watch the replay of our Intraday webinar with Perpetua’s Data Strategist, Cindy Li and Product Marketer, Michelle Meleskie.

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