Drive organic rank, awareness and sales with the power of influencer generated content
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Drive organic rank, awareness and sales with the power of influencer generated content

Michelle Meleskie, Patrick Quaggin-Smith, May 4, 2022

It is no secret that the world of influencer marketing has been growing exponentially over the past few years. With numerous #tiktokmademebuyit success stories proving the potential to significantly grow sales and organic rank on Amazon, it only makes sense that more advertisers are joining the trend to maximize their reach on social media alongside this growth.

As with all new advertising channels, influencer marketing comes with its own unique set of challenges. From sourcing relevant influencers to negotiating contracts, to actually measuring if your influencer strategy is working - this can take an exceptional amount of time and coordination across disconnected systems.

“As more people begin to spend time on social media platforms including TikTok and Instagram, creator marketing is becoming a necessity for brands to connect with both new and existing audiences,” says Patrick Quaggin-Smith, Partnerships at Perpetua. “We're super excited to launch our Influencer Network, allowing brands to connect with relevant creators in a matter of clicks to drive both sales and organic rank growth. We believe by combining influencer marketing with programs like Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus and our Sales and Digital Shelf analytics we are not only unlocking a new channel, but making it easy to get started and measure results.”

Introducing the Perpetua Influencer Network

Perpetua’s Influencer Network connects brands with content creators across TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. From one simple platform, brands choose the product they want to promote, the type of influencer they want to partner with, and how much they want to spend on the campaign.

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influencers hype gif

Control your content

Select your influencers: Choose the size, niche and demographic to target, after which Perpetua will reach out to its 100,000+ influencer network to find interested influencers and their proposed costs. Approve each interested influencer prior to them being added to your campaign.

Protect your brand: Brief influencers on the content you want, including hashtags and mentions, as well as any trends or concepts you want them to include or exclude. Options to approve content prior to being posted are available.

Own your content: Immediately own the content produced by Perpetua influencers. Boost videos directly under the influencer's handle for 60 days, or leverage the content on your own social media platforms for life.

Measure the full picture

Attribute sales back to each influencer: Through an automatic connection with Amazon attribution, influencers each have a unique link to send traffic through to easily track sales.

Brand Referral Bonus: Selling on Amazon US? Automatically earn back a percentage of your sales generated through attribution links.

Full-funnel impact: Measure the growth of organic rank on your most important search terms alongside your organic sales to understand the full impact of your campaigns.

Looking to accelerate your Amazon growth by leveraging influencers? Get started with Perpetua today!

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