How Perpetua helped No Cow scale on Instacart to unlock tiered reporting and drive a 94% increase in basket penetration
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How Perpetua helped No Cow scale on Instacart to unlock tiered reporting and drive a 94% increase in basket penetration

Kyra Petticrew, August 2, 2021

No Cow was founded in 2015 by Daniel "D" Katz in his mom's kitchen, and has now grown to be one of the most popular protein bar brands in America. With nearly 60% of Americans navigating a degree of dairy sensitivity, No Cow focuses on making quality dairy-free, high protein, and low sugar nutrition without compromising on taste.

When 2020's big shift to online shopping due to the pandemic hit, No Cow redirected their focus to online grocery channels and paid search to help scale their digital presence and drive new to brand customers. And Instacart was at the top of their list.

Since launching on Instacart Ads with Perpetua, No Cow has seen:

  • 32% increase in average units sold

  • 2x average CTR (click-through rate)

  • 94% increase in basket penetration

  • total sales year-over-year increase by 2x


The Challenge

In an effort to build brand awareness, scale their digital presence and drive new to brand customers, No Cow focused on finding ways to win premium shelf placements on the digital shelf across online grocery channels. And while some retailers had online grocery capabilities prior to the pandemic, many weren't prepared or optimized properly to handle the influx of online shoppers.

"We approached the shift to online shopping as an opportunity to ensure all of our online grocery channels and product pages were fully optimized for search," says Jeremy Dodge, Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at No Cow. "It was important for us to use this opportunity to leverage these newer online marketplaces and their relatively low CPC (cost per click) rates to increase our category share and grow our consumer base."


The Solution

For No Cow, Instacart's marketplace of over 600 retailers and digital search capabilities via their Featured Product ads offering, enabled No Cow to reach consumers that usually shop across multiple grocery retailers from a single platform.

With a focus on increasing category share and driving new to brand customers, No Cow leveraged Perpetua to refine their keyword strategy and campaign optimization, to ensure they could quickly and easily scale their presence on Instacart.

By scaling their average monthly spend by nearly 56% with Perpetua, No Cow was able to not only increase their attributed sales by 38% and quadruple average monthly clicks, but also unlock Instacart Ad’s tiered ICIP (Instacart Customer Intelligence Platform) reporting that provides deeper insights into performance and category share data like basket penetration, aisle share, customer base growth and more.

"Because customers often use Instacart to repeatedly purchase their weekly necessities, accessing metrics like basket penetration and aisle share are crucial for us in understanding how we're penetrating our category and driving new to brand customers with high lifetime value.”

"With Perpetua, we were able to test fast, learn fast, and scale fast on Instacart Ads, unlocking these tiered reporting metrics and directly attributing how our ads impact our growth online."


The Results

As a result of No Cow's early mover adoption of Instacart Ads, they were able to leverage low CPC rates and quickly scale across the platform driving a 2x increase in average CTR, double their primary aisle share since April 2020, and increase the number of units sold and deliveries per month by 260%.

Additionally, No Cow has driven a 94% increase in basket penetration (the percent of baskets on Instacart that contain your brand's product), grown their customer base by 253%, and saw a 2x increase in total sales year-over-year.

"By getting on Instacart when we did, we were able to scale up quickly, and the insights we garner from Instacart Ad's ICIP reporting only further substantiates our continued re-investment into scaling our spend and presence on the platform."

"What we love about Perpetua is that it's more than just a tool. They provide us guidance on how to best manage the nuances of each marketplace and provide insights on how we can scale more efficiently and access features like Instacart Ad's ICIP reports."

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