How Perpetua helped Keplin Group drive a more than 11x increase in total sales on Amazon
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How Perpetua helped Keplin Group drive a more than 11x increase in total sales on Amazon

Tiffany Luk, September 14, 2022

Founded in 2018, the Keplin Group is both a business to consumer (B2C) retailer as well as a business to business (B2B) wholesale distributor. Beginning with its eponymous brand Keplin, the Keplin Group’s products span across several categories including high-end home furniture, accessories, and appliances; baby and toddler items; camping tools & wear; personal protective equipment (PPE); packaging; and pet products.

Looking to continue expanding sales across each of its various product categories spanning nine brands, the Keplin Group needed to find a way to efficiently sustain brand awareness and drive conversions.

Since launching on Amazon with Perpetua, the Keplin Group has seen:

  • 2x total sales in Germany

  • nearly double organic sales growth in Germany

  • a 131.6% lift attributed sales in the US

  • a 35.8% increase in click-through rate in the US

  • A 29% reduction in advertising cost of sales (ACOS) with a 41% increase return on ad spend (ROAS) across Europe

  • More than 13x organic sales growth in the US


For the Keplin Group, growing total sales came down to effectively allocating their existing marketing efforts across multiple product categories and global markets. Combined with a direct-to-consumer website undergoing a revamp, and slower sales at the tail end of the pandemic for their PPE brand, they needed to find an additional sales channel that would bolster their online presence.

Expanding their eCommerce presence to Amazon across several global markets including the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain, it was crucial for Keplin Group to not only drive conversions but also increase efficiencies across their advertising to make the most of their budget. The Keplin Group needed to be able to hone in on strategic objectives for premium brands like Keplin, their Rattan furniture line, while also continuously optimizing across their other 8 brands.

"With numerous product categories under the Keplin Group, we wanted a solution that would allow us to manage our existing Amazon advertising more efficiently,” notes Prabhleen Sahota, Head of Marketing at the Keplin Group.


With the goal of growing total sales across these six Amazon marketplaces, the Keplin Group turned to Perpetua. Focused on increasing brand awareness with Sponsored Products ads by dominating top of search placements, while also leveraging product targeting to appear on Product Detail Pages to both cross-sell and competitor conquest, the Keplin Group was not only able to efficiently identify high performing search terms and drive conversions, but also significantly decrease ACOS across all regions.

“Perpetua is amazing. Leveraging auto campaigns in Sponsored Products has made it easy to identify what’s working for us and what could use improvement. This strategy has given us time back to shift some of our focus back to our bigger products.”


Since launching all of its regions with Perpetua, the Keplin Group’s Amazon US marketplace has been able to drive an 11x increase in total sales from Sponsored Products.For example, in a single month, one of its most popular summer outdoor equipment has seen two of its keyword targeting campaigns decrease in ACOS by 40%, while increasing conversion rates by 25%.

Leveraging Sponsored Products ads as an overarching strategy, the Keplin Group’s European Amazon marketplaces saw an average 8% decrease in ACOS with an 8.9% increase in ROAS. In particular, the Germany Amazon marketplace achieved a 25.5% decrease in ACOS, an 11% increase in conversion rate, and more than double total sales. Additionally, Keplin’s highest grossing product saw the largest increase in attributed sales and biggest change in ACOS by a reduction of 83%, indicating the effectiveness of Sponsored Products in increasing visibility and capturing sales.

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“We can set up a campaign in two minutes, and we don’t have to worry about overspending or underspending when pausing ASINs. We’re confident that Perpetua will optimize our budget to its full extent allowing us to confidently continue to invest across geographies and brands.”

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