How Perpetua Capital helped Nicole + Brizee drive sustainable organic growth with 4x YoY sales
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How Perpetua Capital helped Nicole + Brizee drive sustainable organic growth with 4x YoY sales

Kyra Petticrew, March 24, 2021

Nicole + Brizee was founded in 2018 by Nikki and Brie Bella, professional WWE wrestlers, Diva Champions and, stars of the reality programs Total Divas and Total Bellas, who have amassed dedicated followings from both their wrestling careers, and across lifestyle categories. What started as a digitally native brand with a desire to bring affordable, quality body lotions and skincare to the masses, has now expanded into a growing body, beauty and haircare brand across their DTC website and Amazon.

Where many celebrity owned and endorsed brands often white label off-the-shelf products, Nicole + Brizee is more hands on. Involved in every step of the production, with a focus on quality ingredients and custom formulation for optimal performance, Nicole + Brizee takes a smaller margin to bring premium, high quality products to everyone at a fraction of the cost of other equivalent, premium brands.


Looking to drive low customer acquisition costs by increasing their organic reach, Nicole + Brizee needed to find flexible funding options that would allow them to invest in brand-building initiatives that drive customer engagement and word of mouth product awareness and education.

In their first month using Perpetua Capital, Nicole + Brizee have:

  • Grown YoY total sales by 4x

  • Driven over 1000 new product reviews

  • Seen 18% increase in average order value

  • Grown their Instagram community by 15K followers

The Challenge

Nicole + Brizee's attention to quality and affordability, has driven most of their growth to date. However, prioritizing sustainable growth that allows them to invest more into the business and achieve more in return without compromising business operations or equity structure has been a critical factor in scaling their business.

With a focus on increasing organic reach through brand-building initiatives and growing awareness of their products through word of mouth, Nicole + Brizee needed to find ways to scale operations and customer engagement with flexible funding, that didn't bring on new equity partners.

"We wanted to optimize our listings, enhance existing creative, and start new programs that focus on customer feedback and loyalty," said Samantha Kent, co-founder of Nicole + Brizee, "unlike other direct to consumer brands that acquire at all costs, we're trying to keep our customer acquisition costs down."


The Solution

To maintain their equity structure, Nicole + Brizee turned to growth capital options that enabled flexible spending to allocate across various programs. Already working with Perpetua to manage their Amazon advertising, taking advantage of Perpetua's latest offering, Perpetua Capital (a partnership with Yardline), was a no-brainer. As a direct complement to their core offering of growth infrastructure for eCommerce, Perpetua Capital brings growth capital to businesses selling online.

"It was a really simple process. Perpetua already had all of our data and sales for the application, so when we connected with Yardline, all we had to do was grant them access, it was incredibly streamlined and fast." Said Samantha Kent.

"Perpetua Capital offers an ease of flexibility, we're not just using it to scale on Amazon, we can take a look back at our marketing assets and product photography and make sure that it really fits the brand, and that we're telling the right story, and we're educating our customers in the right way"

The Results

As a result of Nicole + Brizee's access to Perpetua Capital, and investment in elevating their brand presence across Amazon, social media, and customer engagement platforms, they have been able to dominate 47% of their branded market share on Amazon, with a 15% increase in overall impressions.

"Perpetua helps take a lot of the legwork off of us - as a growing business, the scaling ease of capital is great for our growth."

With investments back into their creative and product education programs, Nicole + Brizee has managed to drive a 10% increase in Amazon reviews, with average product reviews around 4.3/5. And with organic sales only continuing to increase, Nicole + Brizee can expect to see even more incremental growth as they continue leverage the remainder of their capital. Watch their full story:

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