How Momentum Commerce drove a 6x increase in Share of Voice with Perpetua’s granular targeting and flexible strategies
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How Momentum Commerce drove a 6x increase in Share of Voice with Perpetua’s granular targeting and flexible strategies

Kyra Petticrew, March 10, 2022

Momentum Commerce was founded by John Shea in April 2021. Focused on empowering brands with data, insights, and improved performance, Momentum Commerce helps drive growth for the largest brands on the most competitive marketplaces.

What helps Momentum Commerce stand out is their flexible technology, senior teams and an integrated process that unites the two. With more than half of their team consisting of engineers and data scientists, they are strong believers in the power that math and automation can have on client performance.

And as a data-driven company, it was crucial for Momentum Commerce to find a partner that could offer them both the flexibility and control they required to execute their unique, granular ad structure, as well as help manage the complexity of this structure efficiently.

Since launching with Perpetua, Momentum Commerce has:

  • driven a 6x increase in Share of Voice

  • grown total sales 45%

  • reduced ACOS by 12%

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Momentum Commerce’s best practice for building out campaigns is to get as granular as possible while maintaining the ability to manage at scale. Brands that have thousands of ASINs with different size and color variants can make optimization difficult, and they wanted to ensure they had the ability to target a shopper at the most granular level.

This came down to executing a single ASIN-per-goal ad structure that would allow them to hone in on that granularity and work to achieve their client’s KPIs whether they are efficiency-based or built out around Share of Voice.

“When analyzing our clients’ performance, access to more granular data allows us to better determine how and where we should be optimizing our ad dollars,” says Kelsey Robb, Director of Media Sales at Momentum Commerce. “It’s a lot easier to group data up in analysis, than it is to break things down and make assumptions, and using Perpetua we can really hone in on, and execute very nuanced and advanced strategies at a target level.”
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Leveraging the flexibility of Perpetua’s platform, Momentum Commerce has been able to dive into more granular consumer behaviour, and target how a shopper is searching at a subcategory level across Amazon. Coupled with the support of a dedicated Data Strategist on the Perpetua team, they can effectively focus on strategic initiatives and execution, rather than just manually adjusting bids.

And with advanced strategies and scheduled changes, Momentum Commerce can ensure that key shopping holidays like Prime Day, Thanksgiving, Cyber weekend, and Christmas, are optimized to execute against their strategies, unlocking nuanced changes at a targeting level, without having to log in and adjust day-of.

“We did some testing on Amazon to determine how we could win the most placements at the top of search. And with Perpetua, we can really dive into custom strategies for each brand - newer brands can leverage brand-based or universal targeting to build data so that we can break things out from there, or if they’re a bigger brand or a larger product suite, we can get super specific with strategies at a targeting level.” - Kelsey Robb, Director of Media Sales.
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As a result of working with Perpetua to execute against their single ASIN-per-goal strategy, Momentum Commerce has been able to drive a 6x increase in Share of Voice for one of their clients. They’ve also increased impressions by 40% for their client Lush Decor, and grown organic sales by 15.7% for their client Lux Paper. Additionally, Momentum Commerce has driven a growth of 45% in total sales across their portfolio of brands, while decreasing ACOS by 12%.

“Perpetua is very partner oriented. They really work to establish trust, and build a bond with us,” says John Shea, CEO and Founder, Momentum Commerce. “From our dedicated Data Strategist who collaborates with our team and is with us every step of the way, listening to and actioning our feedback on the platform, to the speed of their product development and investment in data science, our team has the confidence that in partnering with Perpetua we’re able to extract better performance for our clients.”

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