How Channeled uses Perpetua’s market intelligence tool to identify incremental growth opportunities for their customers
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How Channeled uses Perpetua’s market intelligence tool to identify incremental growth opportunities for their customers

Kyra Petticrew, October 24, 2023

Channeled, an eCommerce agency focused on marketplace and multi-channel digital marketing and management for growing eCommerce brands was founded by Andrew Hurley and Matt Helming in 2017. Backed by their eCommerce expertise, Channeled helps brands reposition how their brand comes to life on Amazon in a meaningful way and how this ties into their broader business strategy.

Working to help their customers better identify opportunities for efficiency and growth, Channeled knew that they needed to look beyond a brand’s individual performance and gain deeper visibility into market and competitive insights for their customers’ brands across Amazon.

Since launching with Perpetua’s market intelligence tool, Channeled has been able to:

  • Audit customer accounts at a more granular level, identifying quick wins for customers including updated pricing and reviews

  • Benchmark individual brand performance across category and segment trends, identifying opportunities to optimize performance for existing products

  • Help customers prove market viability for new product development by analyzing market size, competition, share, profitability and more


With decades of experience across the eCommerce landscape, Channeled already had a great grasp on how to track and measure individual brand performance, but needed to find a partner that offered market and competitive intelligence that allowed them to analyze trends within specific categories including seasonality, competition, market share, average selling price, ratings, reviews, and more.

“To truly understand the context in which you sell, it’s important to ‘zoom out’ and look at trends across the broader marketplace,” says Andrew Hurley, Co-Founder of Channeled. “We needed a partner that could surface these insights for us so we could benchmark brands in relation to their overall categories and competition, and dive into trends to identify gaps and areas of opportunity, using this to inform our product, advertising, and brand strategies.”

Solution and Results

Having examined a breadth of available tools across the market, Channeled turned to their existing advertising optimization partner Perpetua to leverage their market intelligence capabilities.

Using Perpetua, Channeled built three use cases to identify growth opportunities for their clients:

  • Account Audits For prospective customers joining the Channeled roster, Perpetua is used to execute account audits and examine a brand’s current position within the market. They examine insights like market share, top competitors, and pricing strategies to gain deeper context into how to benchmark the brand’s performance and surface immediate opportunities for account optimization.

  • Existing Product Optimization By examining advertising insights, Channeled can identify gaps in performance and then use market intelligence to validate these areas of opportunity or better understand these gaps at a category level. For example, one of Channeled’s customers in the Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements category had been seeing declined sales performance despite increases in spend. When examining the product in Perpetua within its category and against competitors, Channeled saw a fairly tectonic shift within the category that was significantly affecting their customer’s hero product. A new market entrant was disrupting typical category trends and had begun dominating market share by leveraging more brand building tactics. Looking at ratings, reviews, and pricing, among other insights, Channeled assessed the best way for their customer to push against this new offering and better optimize their current strategies. This resulted in Channeled building granular dayparting campaigns with Amazon Marketing Stream to increase efficiency of their ad spend and maximize profitability, seeing a 25% decrease in Total ACOS, and a 23% decrease in ACOS in the first 4 months. In doing this, the brand can then re-invest incremental budget into their product strategy and relaunch with a more robust full funnel approach later in the year and win back market share.

  • Proof of Market Viability Finally, Channeled uses Perpetua's market intelligence to help advise customers on new product development by assessing market viability. For one customer in the Appliances category, Channeled examined metrics like market size, market share, profitability, and volume of units sold, to address questions like: Can their customer compete against the other products? Is the category growing, shrinking, stalemate, or looking strong to grow? Is it adjacent to the brand’s existing product set? By sizing this opportunity and ensuring that there was a potential for at least $1 million in revenue Channeled was able to help their customer develop and launch their new product and track the product’s growth within the market post-launch via market intelligence.

“To best advise our customers with data-driven strategies, it’s crucial to us to have an accurate and highly interactive market intelligence tool that we can easily size opportunities with for our customers, and Perpetua’s capabilities have allowed us to quickly refine segments down to very specifically relevant products and assess their performance within the market.”

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