Hourly Amazon performance data unlocks critical levers for your advertising strategy
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Hourly Amazon performance data unlocks critical levers for your advertising strategy

Kyra Petticrew, June 21, 2022

Dayparting is a critical part of any Amazon advertising strategy, so how are you determining what time of day to adjust your bids?

For a lot of advertisers, accurate data to determine dayparting has been difficult to find with Amazon’s campaign performance only available at a daily granularity—but that’s about to change. With Amazon’s latest product, Amazon Marketing Stream, advertisers now have access to campaign performance by hour of the day, and day of week.

This unlocks critical levers for advertisers to understand how their campaigns are performing and where to best optimize for maximum growth and profitability.

Why is this data so impactful?

There has long been speculation on how buying behaviour varies throughout the day on Amazon. In the past, advertisers have been left to theorize when to adjust bids and test what works best. With Amazon Marketing Stream, the ability to identify intra-daily trends helps brands better understand when consumers are shopping, and in turn, optimize their ads at a more granular level, building more nimble responses to advertising changes.

With Amazon Marketing Stream, advertisers now have access to ACOS, CPC, conversion, and impression data among many others insights. Equipped with this data, advertisers can track when key metrics peak and fall throughout the day and week, understanding how their budget is being allocated and where there is opportunity to be more efficient or adjust bids to better align with their strategies.

This means advertisers can more easily draw conclusions about their advertising performance and create nuanced and data-informed hourly dayparting strategies. Whether they’re looking to increase efficiency, reduce CPCs or ACOS, or increase sales, this data will provide a precise breakdown of where advertisers can better optimize their ads.

For example, advertisers can now see when purchase intent is highest and sales are most efficient, or conversely where spend may be wasted due to high CPCs. Amazon Marketing Stream data makes its easier to identify areas of opportunity within your advertising budget, and re-allocate funds to where it can be better utilized, multiplying bids during peak sales hours.

And this is just the beginning. As more data becomes readily available for advertisers, it will become more crucial than ever to be data-driven in your advertising decisions.

How can advertisers use this data?

Within the Perpetua Stream performance dashboard, advertisers can start making intelligent decisions about when and on which campaigns they want to adjust budgets (doubling down on increasing bids, or alternatively pulling back on non-performing times/days). Advertisers can then build out robust dayparting strategies to achieve your objectives with actionable data insights. For example, you can use Amazon Marketing Stream data to help:

  1. Increase Efficiency

Advertisers looking to improve ACOS, CPCs and Conversion Rates (CVRs) should multiply/adjust their existing bids on their strategic campaigns based on which efficiency metrics they’d like to optimize for. For example, advertisers can level out ACOS across hours of the day, or reduce blended ACOS by leveraging hours of the day when CVRs are highest and CPCs are lowest.

  1. Increase Sales

To grow sales, we recommend leveraging Perpetua Stream Reporting to identify which times of day and days of the week sales volume is the highest. When looking at hourly sales volume, advertisers can see when CPCs are the lowest and bid more aggressively on those time intervals to drive incremental attributed and total sales.

How to access this data in Perpetua?

Perpetua users can now access Amazon Marketing Stream data directly within the Perpetua app in the Perpetua Stream Reporting dashboard.

Heat maps viewable by goal or campaign allow you to see within seconds when your key metrics rise or fall. Advertisers can select the KPIs that they want to optimize for, and see what times of the day and days of the week it peaks and falls.

Taking these data insights, advertisers can then head to the Perpetua Stream Optimization tab to build dayparting strategies rooted in results. Once schedules are made, they can be applied to multiple goals, a single goal, or single campaigns within a goal based on your specific account objectives - all with only a few clicks. To learn more about how Amazon Marketing Stream works with our Optimization tools, check out our blog here.

Ultimately, intraday trends and optimization will become a baseline for advertisers looking to win coveted placements across Amazon search results. And those not leveraging this data will be at a disadvantage moving forward as competition rises, and advertisers become more data-driven in their actions.

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