Growing your brand on Amazon with Perpetua: AI-Optimized Sponsored Brand Ads
Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
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Growing your brand on Amazon with Perpetua: AI-Optimized Sponsored Brand Ads

Adam Epstein, February 11, 2019

Amazon’s most powerful ad unit has historically been the Sponsored Products ad.  With good reason: these bottom-of-funnel ad units appear natively within the search page and have been wildly effective at converting a customer’s intent (a product search) into a purchase. Roughly 30% of the $13 billion Amazon grossed in 2018 on advertising came from the revenue generated by the tens of millions of clicks on Sponsored Products.

Over the past 2 years, at Perpetua, we recognized the importance of this industry-changing ad unit and have been ruthlessly focused on building the world’s best-Sponsored Product ad automation engine. Our many customers that have seen their sales increase, their ACoS decrease and countless hours saved can attest to this pronouncement.  

Naturally, Amazon’s ad business and ad units have evolved.  Earlier this year they updated the convoluted moniker: “Headline Search Ads” to “Sponsored Brands Ads”,  which sent a strong signal to advertisers that they would be investing heavily in this ad unit.  We employed some early tests on a select group of customers with Sponsored Brands ads in Q3/Q4 of last year and noticed their impact: higher click-through rates, increased brand awareness, and the opportunity to own ~25% more real estate on the search page. After those initial tests, we focused our efforts at building a Sponsored Brands optimizer that could drive outsized performance to our customers, similar to Sponsored Products. We’re proud to say that we’ve evolved with Amazon, and last week, we launched the world’s first AI-optimized Sponsored Brands product.

Unlike many who’ve cried that Amazon has been the death of the concept of brand -- we believe that investing in one’s brand on Amazon has never been more important. For emerging brands, generating branded keyword searches are critical to developing a sustainable advertising strategy.  Realizing on this customer intent leads to higher conversions and greater advertising efficiency. For established brands, Sponsored Brand ads are a vital pillar in brand protection, and validate their investment in creating rich and unique shopping experiences within their Amazon brand page.

We launched our Sponsored Brands ad optimizer to a select group of customers earlier in the month, and the results have been tremendous. Further, we could not be more excited to begin leveraging Amazon’s new-to-brand analytics to present our customers with richer purchasing insights. A big focus of ours in 2019 will be enriching our customers with best-in-class products that help them optimize more ad units on Amazon, and this is an exciting start.  

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