Growing Sales and Healthy Babies at Ready, Set, Food! with the Amazon DSP
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Growing Sales and Healthy Babies at Ready, Set, Food! with the Amazon DSP

Kristie Schmuck, December 6, 2019

It began as an idea. A solution to a problem that was too late to solve for his own nephew, Abe.

Abe suffers from life-threatening food allergies to peanuts, milk and eggs. A struggle that Abe will face for the rest of his life. Motivated by Abe's struggles with life-threatening food allergies, co-founders Dr. Andrew Leitner, M.D. (Abe's dad) and Daniel Zakowski (Abe's uncle) created Ready, Set, Food!.

The Ready, Set, Food! team are on a mission to help babies everywhere live allergy-free lives and reverse the rising epidemic of food allergies.

Awareness and education are paramount to this pursuit. Led by Matt Nissenbaum, the digital acquisition marketing team has created an Amazon advertising strategy designed to bring Ready, Set, Food! to more families in America.

"Our goal is to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of Ready, Set, Food! and tapping into Amazon's shopper data to gain that visibility was a no-brainer as part of our growth plan." - Daniel Zakowski, CEO

With Perpetua's Amazon DSP optimization service, Ready, Set, Food! saw:

  • 83% Increase in product detail page views

  • 4-5x more efficient ROAS compared to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

  • +40% Increase in Total Sales

The Challenge: Educating and building trust with shoppers

Recent studies have demonstrated that 80% of food allergies can be prevented. The trick is to introduce and sustain exposure to allergenic foods when your baby is as young as 4 months old. While many parents are unaware of this, those who are still struggle to feed their children these foods consistently. Ready, Set, Food! simplified the process by creating an organic system that can dissolve in a bottle of breast milk or formula.


The Solution: Launching an Amazon advertising strategy

Launching on Amazon was a simple decision for a few reasons. More and more, people are using Amazon to discover new products. Shoppers trust Amazon because of their reviews and ratings, which made selling there very appealing for the Ready, Set, Food! team.

"Being present amongst this gigantic audience of people who are researching products is critical," said Matt. "Amazon also adds an extra layer of credibility for us. Some customers might trust Amazon's shipping times, return policies and reviews more than if they organically found our website for the first time".

The Ready, Set, Food! team worked with Cartograph — a full service eCommerce agency focused on Amazon growth and Perpetua partner — to launch on Amazon.

"We were a mess, there's no way we could've done it without those guys [Cartograph]. They were great teachers for us, helping us build a foundation that we could learn and grow from." - Daniel Zakowski

"We weren't Amazon experts," Daniel told us. "Cartograph has tons of experience launching products, optimizing the black box of data and understanding how to navigate the competitive landscape of Amazon."


Cartograph helped teach Ready, Set, Food! how to be efficient in the marketplace by following best practices and introducing them to industry-leading tools like Perpetua.

The results: Increased sales and reduced volume of life-threatening food allergies

Perpetua's Total Sales Analytics allows Matt's team to have one less major analytics deep dive off their plate.

“We’ve been really blown away at the ability of Perpetua to do a lot more in the black box system that is Amazon." explained Matt. "Perpetua was also able to give us transparency and control over elements that we weren’t able to have before."

"Perpetua's AI is able to execute on a lot of things that otherwise would have been manual. Which in a growing, fast paced startup is invaluable to us." - Matt

"We can now easily recognize the difference in branded vs. unbranded results and adjust budgets or target ACOS in real time." continued Matt. "Perpetua makes us smarter and helps us optimize our ads to improve our bottom line. We really value our partnership with the Perpetua team as a result."


Ready, Set, Food! has seen incredible results from advertising on the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) as well. The nature of early allergen introduction requires repeat purchases, which makes the Ready, Set, Food! system an ideal product for retargeting on the Amazon DSP.

The team was not new to retargeting on other channels, but before Perpetua, were unable to access the massive audiences and shopper data that the Amazon DSP offers. Historically, brands were required by Amazon Marketing Group to commit to a $35,000 minimum spend over 60 days to get started on the DSP. With Perpetua, spend minimums are strategically aligned with our advertisers' goals. This allows emerging brands like Ready, Set, Food! to realize initial return before scaling up.

One of the other benefits of Perpetua's DSP optimization service is the collaborative nature between our knowledgeable data strategists and the Ready, Set, Food! team.

Matt noted, "It's very important to have more qualified minds to brainstorm on how we can improve and solve concerns quickly. We really value the partnership we've had with the Perpetua team in this aspect."

"The Amazon DSP is not only vital to our business, but more important, vital to parents and babies by giving them a greater chance of not developing life-threatening food allergies." - Matt

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