Fueling scalable agency growth at Cartograph with Perpetua
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Fueling scalable agency growth at Cartograph with Perpetua

Kristie Schmuck, July 10, 2019

Since 2017, the Cartograph team has been helping food brands grow on Amazon. This team of eCommerce experts is made up of Chris Moe (COO), and Jonathan Willbanks (CEO).

Cartograph's success as trusted eCommerce advisors began with Fourth & Heart, an LA-based artisanal ghee provider who just recently closed a $7.6M Series C funding round.

Cartograph believed they had a replicable model that could be distilled into two core elements - sound structure and coherent pricing strategy. Chris and Jon could apply their learnings to help many natural food brands reach new audiences, and cultivate customer loyalty on Amazon.

In this video, Chris and Jon sat down with our VP of Growth, Adam Epstein, to discuss their mission as a business, their perspective on Amazon advertising, and why they trust Perpetua to drive scalable growth for their clients.

Video Transcript

Introduction to Cartograph

Jon: I've always loved natural and organic food.

Chris: We looked at the best selling items in grocery on Amazon and we realized that there's this huge market of people who need these products because they have a specific lifestyle or specific dietary need and they go to Amazon for that.

Cartograph is a mission-driven company, we have the privilege of helping build brands that are better for people and better for the planet. - Jonathan Willbanks, CEO Cartograph

Chris: We think ads are really important to your strategy on Amazon. Sponsored Ads are basically table stakes for Amazon. You can't live without them, and you can't grow as a brand without them.

Jon: The amount of time that we were spending manually managing ads was a huge time-suck for Cartograph as an organization and for our brand managers, that took our focus off growing the business.

The challenge

Jon: When we were looking for a technology partner to help with our sponsored ads we had a few critical problems that we needed to solve.

The first was the amount of time that our that our brand managers were spending [managing ads] and [the second], we needed a tool that would be cost effective and affordable for our brand so that the ROI was immediately observable and justifiable.

The solution

Jon: Within about 4 weeks, the performance was really clear. Perpetua was out-performing our best people with far fewer touchpoints.

We could be totally transparent. This tool is going to, full stop, deliver you way better ad performance. - Chris Moe, COO Cartograph

Chris: And so that is what we told our clients. But we were really excited about them for a few other reasons. One was, the platform served both Seller Central and Vendor Central channels and allowed for easy transfer between those two channels with integrated reporting. That was really valuable to us.

The other is that Perpetua really develops and rolls out new features at an extremely fast pace.

Jon: My AHA moment was when Perpetua's AI found the keyword "Superhero Birthday Cake Topper" for Supernatural Kitchen Sprinkle product. Superhero birthday cake topper makes perfect sense but it's nothing that I, nor anyone on our team, would have been able to come up with in a creative brainstorming session.

Chris: Perpetua gave us the ability to find these in a large volume and really create new growth vectors for our clients.

Scaling Perpetua across the business was pretty straightforward. One of the reasons we really liked Perpetua is, we found that they were someone really willing to go with us and really push the envelope on what was possible.

To learn more about how Perpetua can help your brand or agency grow, contact us at hello@perpetua.io.

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