Buy with Prime: The Prime treatment continues off Amazon
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Buy with Prime: The Prime treatment continues off Amazon

Tiffany Luk, April 29, 2022

Amazon Prime benefits, specifically its free two-day delivery, is expanding beyond Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers who operate their own Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sites can now leverage Prime shipping via “Buy with Prime.” 

The introduction of this new feature offers benefits to Amazon shoppers and sellers alike. As an FBA seller, you can now seamlessly extend the Prime promise by easily adding the “Buy with Prime” button to selected products on your DTC site. For shoppers, the benefit is obvious – Buy with Prime provides the familiarity and trust in Amazon they’re often accustomed to while accessing the ease of fast and free delivery with their Prime accounts. 

Where Amazon has previously tightly controlled the customer relationship, Buy with Prime now allows sellers to take ownership over the shopper experience. By integrating Buy with Prime to their DTC site, sellers can now collect first-party data to directly provide customer service and build relationships with their customers. Additionally, Buy with Prime can be used as an added sales channel to acquire new customers, help reduce cart abandonment (on your DTC site), and retarget shoppers who viewed but did not purchase your product on Amazon instead converting them on your DTC site.  

“Allowing merchants to offer Prime shopping benefits on their own direct-to-consumer online stores is an exciting next step in our mission to help merchants of all sizes grow their business — whether on Amazon or beyond,” Peter Larsen, Amazon’s Vice President of Buy with Prime, said in a recent statement. “With shoppers purchasing directly from merchants’ online stores, Buy with Prime will allow merchants to build customer relationships and brand loyalty while offering conversion-driving benefits like fast, free shipping.”

If you’re an FBA seller, it could be worthwhile to give Buy with Prime a shot given that the extension of this functionality leverages Amazon’s coveted logistics and shipping infrastructure both on and off Amazon, while unlocking ownership over the customer relationship and offering new ways to grow your overall sales. 

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