Benchmark Category-Level Performance with Brand Metrics
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Benchmark Category-Level Performance with Brand Metrics

Kyra Petticrew, October 26, 2021

Today, Perpetua is excited to announce its integration with Amazon's new Brand Metrics API. Historically for most advertisers, it's been difficult to track and gain actionable insights from their performance across categories. But Amazon's new Brand Metrics market performance data allows advertisers to compare themselves to an overall category's performance.

In Perpetua, advertisers can visualize meaningful progress of a brand on Amazon over time and use this data to drive strategic advertising decisions. Example metrics include a brand’s percentile ranking in awareness, consideration, and purchases within a category, or a brand’s total branded searches which did not result in a page view for the category.

Brand Metrics with Perpetua


The Perpetua app's integration of Brand Metrics not only offers metrics which can help brands identify key opportunities for additional advertising investment, but also allows advertisers to look at how these metrics have changed over time. Whether it be converting branded searches, converting detail page views, or pushing customers to checkout after adding products to their cart,

Perpetua's Brand Metrics dashboard allows advertisers to see relevant metrics and understand how their brand is performing across the shopper journey.

Using Category Performance Benchmarks, advertisers can quickly see whether their brand is growing or shrinking in its share of customer awareness, consideration and purchases within its different categories. Additionally, advertisers can visualize any metric for their brands/categories across time, as well as export a CSV of the data so they can further dig into their data and build their own custom metrics visualizations of the data.

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