2 min

Perpetua Masterclass: Amazon Search Query Performance

Martin Saunders, December 8, 2022

Everyone's talking about Amazon's Search Query Performance data, and for good reason. This powerful dataset unlocks insights that can lead to predictable, scalable growth. When used properly, this first-party search and conversion data can help you fine tune your advertising strategies and become a competitive force in your category.

In this exclusive 1-hour Masterclass, Franz Jordan, General Manager & Vice-President at Perpetua, Patrick Quaggin-Smith, Emerging Channels Lead at Perpetua, and Mansour Norouzi, Director of Amazon Advertising at Incrementum Digital will discuss how to effectively implement SQP data into your strategy to maximize your growth.

00:00 Introducing the Speakers & Agenda 04:27 What is Amazon Search Query Performance (SQP) 09:00 Search Query Score 09:56 Search Query Volume 14:41 Impressions 24:40 Extracting and Transforming SQP Data 27:42 Analyzing & Use Cases 47:16 Measuring Cannibalization in Branded and Unbranded Keyword Level 50:05 How SQP Changes How We Track Growth 54:30 Market-Aware Advertising

What you will learn: - How to extract meaningful insights from search term performance and shopper search behavior - Using first-party search query data to evaluate new product opportunities and bundling opportunities - How Amazon’s SQP data is changing how brands are approaching digital advertising - Valuable use cases to improve your click share, impression share, and sales share

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